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27 thoughts on “ESHANA_10live sex stripping with hd cam

  1. You didn't do anything wrong. You work there and want to keep the tension as low as possible.

    Your bf being angry that you are getting sexually harassed at work is also understandable. He doesn't want you to have to put up with it and wants you safe.

    You say it's not bad enough “yet” that you feel the need to take action on it by going to your boss or HR. That doesn't mean it won't escalate the longer you let it go on unchecked, however.

    You and your bf have to come to an agreement, or, yes, there is going to be tension over it.

  2. Well you didn’t say this in your original post and you have only just mentioned it now in your reply above, which totally proves my second point that if you done what was advised above that it would end up not being enough and him wanting more and my example saying then an argument would start with him saying why haven’t you messaged in the last couple of hours because you have messaged me every hour today but it’s been two hours since your last message and then low and behold you have replied OP confirming that’s already happened!!

  3. If you feel uncomfortable, voice that to him. I certainly wouldn’t want my SO sleeping at their ex’s house, regardless of their connection. Especially since your bf still has feelings for his ex when you met.

    Hopefully he respects your boundary. Maybe you can offer to pick him up from the party or buy him an Uber.

  4. You don’t like your girlfriend, you like the convenience of a relationship and dislike the inconvenience of breaking up. That is NOT a reason to stay in a relationship and you both deserve more than that.

  5. Agreed, in my single days I was on a chatiw mission and a bird told me she was trans before moving to an app, saves both people a lot of time

  6. You can do better then this guy. He is training you not to ask for help and not to assert reasonable boundaries with his extreme defensive reactions. That sort of behavior will poison your professional and personal relationships.

  7. Honestly this might be a blessing in disguise that she exposed herself before yall are married and have kids. What if yall have a kid who is serverly autistic or another mental issue. Who's to say that she won't make ultimatums like “put the kid up for adoption or I'm out”. Like legit man I feel bad for you but your fiancé revealed their true personality here and you should focus on your sister.

  8. Again, Op, you can do whatever makes you happiest, but if you want to stay with her it's worth exploring. It just seems like you've told yourself that her floating this idea means she'd be happier in that scenario, which may be the case, and may not.

  9. So she cheated on u (u chose to work through it and stay together) and when u have a honest discussion about not being sure how u feel bc of her infidelity and she IMMEDIATELY messages the affair partner? Man that speaks volumes…. im sorry but if my wife cheated and i stayed there would be 100% no contact w her affair partner ever again for me to even consider staying… U need to run.

  10. It looks like your parents are the ones who cause you to take action in your life. You’re even posting on reddit asking everyone else here to tell you what to do. In fact, this probably has nothing to do with your parents per se: you might just be one of those people who is susceptible to other people convincing you to do things??

    I think you just need to put your foot down and get comfortable making your own major decisions. Maybe talk to your therapist about this. And don’t let your parents or the internet tell you what to do.

  11. I would be psyched to get such sweet a well thought out gift. Something like that takes so much more effort and consideration than phoning in a flower order. I’d be blown away and I hope your lady loves it. 💚

  12. I think in most cases it's not so much phobic as it is projection. They think gay guys must act the same way towards men as they act towards women….

  13. Sisters fight hard but love harder. Especially twins. I’ll be honest, I thought you were wishy washy when describing your possible plans too. I would have expected that you would make a reservation and make plans instead of listing 5 different things you might do. Let this go.

  14. Do you have any family, friends or acquaintances you can ask for a temporary stay? If there's none, there are NGOs that may help you find a temporary place till you're back on your feet.

    As long as you're near proximity with him, you'll never be safe. If he is what you describe him to be, he'll convince you that you're trapped with him.

  15. Important context is missing. Why did she not hang out with him for the three weeks that he had been asking her to? Did she talk to you about it? Was he asking her regularly or did he ask once and she didn’t go?

    It’s most likely you being insecure and it’s just a coincidence that she hung out with him while you were out of town. Realistically, you being in town or out of town would not make any sort of impact if she were going to do anything problematic. That’s the strongest reason why it sounds like you’re just being insecure.

  16. I would tell her “I have a heart condition that right now I manage with medication. There is a possibly I will need heart surgery in 5 years that will fix it, but at this point all I do is take medication and have occasional tests to moniter it. The odds are definitely in my favor that I'll be around for quite a while. I have a routine test coming up so I realized that I wanted to let you know, but reassure you that I am allowed to do all everyday activities and this is something that can be managed successfully.

  17. Please do not stay friends with her. She’s proven she is a liar, and why choose to be around a person who doesn’t value you enough to be truthful about basic stuff.

  18. Because you said “my boyfriend wants to buy a vape”. Jesus.

    I'm done talking to you. Enjoy getting dumped soon. I am sure it will become a theme.

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