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Date: September 23, 2022

25 thoughts on “ESTEFA

  1. No, it will not be obvious to him that changing your profile pic is simply being done to catch his attention. Also, it may or may NOT actually work, so don’t be surprised if he still doesn’t text you.

  2. I said that I disagree completely with the content of their message. That can be separated from the fact that a message was sent in the first place. Also it was a mutual decision to take the weekend to decide if we should remain together, I am not “looking for the exit sign”. I want to remain together but cannot sacrifice what I believe.

  3. Not really. He’s close with his family and spends lots of time with them but isn’t necessarily part of a friend group. I have talked to him but I think he feels like I’m not interested in meeting his needs when in reality I’m just burnt out from work and want to do mindless activities at night. Joining a book club is actually a great suggestion. We’re also going to try going to trivia a couple times a month together.

  4. I’m glad he apologized, but did he say why he said it? Is this way out of character, or does he often say things that make you feel small?

  5. You said it yourself and you are being very naive. You don't have this much guilt and confusion after healthy relationships. The guy is a total creep and trash human being. Do not contact this person. At 21, you may be too old for him now.

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  7. I'm not discouraging her at all! just stating a risk factor. deciding to take birth control isn't something to be flippant about. It can cause some serious issues and deserves serious thought before starting. Especially since (in the US), we're not really taught a lot about it other than it makes you way less likely to get pregnant.

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  9. There was a similar story here on Reddit several years ago (I've seen it circulating in several fb groups over the years) where the OOP whined, nagged, and pleaded with his ex to keep the baby, despite her wanting an abortion. He insisted that she give the baby up to him, that he would take care of it. She paid her child support, and iirc, she actually paid 20 or 25% more than was required. OOP was in over his head and bitching about how tired he was, and wanted to know if there was a way to force his ex to take partial custody of the child. He even took it to court, but the judge basically laughed him out of the courtroom. He was DRAGGED in the comments, and rightly so.

    OP, I hope that you have a similar outcome as the woman mentioned in the other story.

  10. You don't get to decide who your GF is friends with, especially if she knew then long before you. What you do get to do is learn how to control your own insecurities and not dump them onto her.

  11. Even more reason to understand why he’d be upset and against the idea, you also need to remember that it’s all hypothetical right now too, you’re just saying you could if you had to, but if it really came down to it who knows? I wouldn’t take this personally

  12. She left you for someone else. Be aware that she could well be showing him your texts and she put 2 weeks live! with this guy over 3.5 years in person with you. It hurts but you need to let go. You deserve better mate.

  13. First, I’m sorry you’re going thru this. That’s not cool, and I’m sure you’re very upset.

    That said, these are my thoughts: nothing excuses your husband or your sister’s behavior but they were highly intoxicated. Doesn’t make it right and definitely won’t make it easier to process but it is most likely a factor. People lose themselves when they’re really drunk and high. This is why you shouldn’t and society in general doesn’t trust addicts and alcoholics. They’re unpredictable and capable of any and all kinds of hurtful and irresponsible behavior. Not to say your sister or bf are addicts but they were really fucked up.

    Basically this comes down to you and them, but mostly you. If I were you I would discuss things with your sister and bf. Is there some underlying chemistry or desire that’s been there or was this an impulsive choice under the influence? I’d talk to them both separately and see what they say. One or both will likely blame the other. If you’re lucky they’ll both take responsibility and emphasize their goal of forgiveness and making this right. Good luck.

  14. Hey man ?, I feel you. It's tough juggling work and family ?‍?‍?‍?. It sounds like you're taking the first step in trying to strengthen your relationship ?. One advice is to schedule some alone time for just the two of you every once in a while ⌚. It doesn't have to be extravagant or expensive, maybe just take her for a walk or watch a movie at home ?. You could also be more affectionate with her throughout the day, simple gestures like placing a kiss on her forehead or leaving her a thoughtful note ?. The keyword here is quality, so make sure you're present in the moment when you're together ?. Good luck, bud!

  15. I wasn't defending his reasons. I think this dude is a POS for agreeing to have a child with OP until she actually had the child and then decided he didn't want it. I was just saying that OP had provided his reasons.

  16. I think the smarter move would be for one of you to leave the company so you can date publicly.

    If he tells them he has a GF, they’re going to ask other questions and he’s going to have to come up with lies. And eventually someone is going to figure it out and you’ll both be out of a job.

    Honestly, you should know better as a manager.

  17. His wife wouldn’t be ok with that behavior. The point being made above is that he’s looking for action with other women, or maybe just you. He might be hoping you’d think he’s available and show some interest. The fact that you know about his wife and he still takes off the ring makes it more of a habit than conscious thought when he’s virtually engaging with a woman. Honestly, what upstanding husband wouldn’t be proud of his wife or at least mention her if he married her for love?

    To be fair, I don’t wear my wedding ring except when my wife and I go out. I work with equipment and I almost lost my finger once because my ring got stuck on the canopy towel rack and I couldn’t pull my hand free for over a minute while trying to fly my military aircraft. However, I do mention in conversations that I’m married when I don’t have on my ring and it fits into the conversation.

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