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  1. That’s a clear lie.

    A man who denies his kids, it’s not in anyone’s best interest to chase him to try to put him in their lives. That’s how you get kids who are repeatedly abandoned by daddy who has an excuse not to come each week. A man who’s willing to deny his kids because he’s pissed at Mom, what the hell else is he going to do to them when he’s angry at her? A man who denies his kids instead of wanting a test and to prepare for their arrival, to know how any appointments are going or to ensure he has his home stocked for their arrival, what kind of father is that?

    Not to mention stress on her while carrying them. Are you trying to give her miscarried? She should be chasing after a man child who denies his kids and showed zero signs of wanting to care for them, putting her own health at risk? Because that is somehow better for them? And let’s be real, if he had ever hesitated to regretted his initial saying and reached back out trying to make it right just to find himself blocked, you know damn well that that would’ve been in his litany of complaints when he contacted her. This dude disowned the kids and just wrote it off. But that’s her fault somehow, because apparently you think men don’t have the capacity to make their own decisions?

    She told this guy she was pregnant with his kids. He said they weren’t hers. Instead of chasing some irresponsible asshole and trying to force him to be a father, she went and found them a real father. They have a loving father who actually stepped up, A loving family. The current guy is still with her and sounds like he has been for a long time, in a stable relationship, so it’s not that she’s got some personality issue that’s driving off a bunch of guys.

    She did what was best for the kids. You’re just upset that actions have consequences, that being a bad father means it’s not in everyone else’s interest to chase you down and try to force you to take on that role.

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