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Date: September 23, 2022

27 thoughts on “FER

  1. i know you feel embarassed and alone, but i promise youll be ok. this guy is not worth your time. i had an ex do nearly the exact same thing to me: cheated, lied about it, gaslit me, and made me feel crazy and wrong to be upset with him. hes not going to get better and you need as much energy as u can get for your mom. hes not worth it

  2. She’s hurt you and your children more than once.

    Ask yourself: What do you think is more important? Her “feelings” or your family’s safety?

  3. Obedience – super very hot to date, might end our relationship.

    Open defiance – ignores the negatives, but there are punishments

    Sneak around – i would feel guilty, and I might have to follow some rules.. but no punishments.

  4. Sleep deprecation is a form of torture. Why sign on for that voluntarily?

    Either break up with her or set your phone to do not disturb and tell her she needs to sort her sleep dysfunction out on her own but you aren’t going to make yourself unhealthy because she is.

  5. What are you talking about with reconciliation? She didn't cheat on him, she told him about screwing this did when they were split up 18 years ago. She's been lying by omission but you're making it sound like she admitted to something currently going on

  6. Annie might not be ready to be a therapist. What you're doing isn't love bombing at all. She's waaaaaaay off. Don't change, you're fine.

  7. I'm a women and no amount of sex or type of sex will make her legs useless afterwards. I have had lots of sex, all kinds, varying in intensity and length, and I've never been immobile after lol. The ONLY time I couldn't get up afterwards is when I was in immense pain where I almost needed to go to the hospital.

  8. Dudes watch porn. He shouldn’t have lied to you, but you’ve got a relationship requirement that’s going to make it very difficult to find an honest partner who will meet it. And you’ll find lots of guys who will lie about it between here and there.

    You guys have bigger issues in the relationship than your insecurities and his dishonesty around porn, btw.

  9. Stop it. You are trying to guilt and manipulate this girl into being with you when she has told you that she doesn't want to be with you. Trying to force her into dating you is dick move.

  10. I have a rule, no cokeheads, methheads or Republicans. It’s time to show her the door (get a good lawyer first)

  11. Okay, tell him he has 2 options: he checks himself into an inpatient rehab and gets help and stays clean (and youlld divorce him if he ever relapses again) or you call the police and report him for stealing your prescription mediation and youll divorce him.

  12. You don't have to be sexually active to be or get infected with HPV. The virus can be present on many parts of your body. Just that it causes cancer in your cervix.

    But you do you. Take your chances.

    When I was in nursing school, cervical cancer was one of the deadliest cancers there is. 5-year survival rate of under 5%. What means that of 100 patients diagnosed, less than 5 women were alive after 5 years.

    That changed in recent years. Due to the vaccine and (very important) early detection through PAP smears. If you don't go for your checkups, if you do get diagnosed, that's your certain and swift death sentence.

    I've seen freaking nuns die from cervical cancer. So, as I said, you do you, but keep your self-righteous attitude and comments to yourself, please.

  13. Oof, the streets called and she answered…and you followed her down the block.

    If you can't handle your partner doing ho shit, don't date a ho.

  14. You say you only got back together because she was sorry and would start to be accepting of your hobbies. She is not being accepting of your hobbies. Why stay when she broke the promise you got back together over?

  15. It's probably been said already but it could be mental illness like schizophrenia or something similar. I hope you can figure it out.

  16. Dump him. This relationship has no future.

    He clearly views you with contempt, and if you get married, he will throw your history of sex work in your face anytime you have a disagreement. He does not respect you.

    And in the future, wait more than eight months before getting engaged. As you are discovering now, you did not know this man at all.

  17. Thanks a lot. I really appreciate your opinions and your advice.

    No, I am not looking here for some magical advice. It is very likely that I might be missing something and I want to find that. I definitely do not think the issue here is that I haven't imposed any negative consequences. That was one way of progressing that came to my mind.

    Thanks a lot for you advice of leaving her alone. You might be wrong that I haven't tried this. I will definitely try this more.

    About leaving her, I don't think both of us are ready for this at this time. We are happy and growing together. This is just one aspect of our relationship that I think needs improvement.

  18. All I’m reading from him is me, me, me. You had a very hot, traumatic week and he did NOTHING to support you. And then he had the audacity to get violent on top of it. Please consider leaving him (safely) because this level of stress is not good for anyone.

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