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Date: September 25, 2022

35 thoughts on “follow me here you find me! the hard online sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. Dump him. He doesn't see sex a tool he sees YOU as a tool. You're not even a person to him just some thing to stick into. He doesn't show you even the most base line amount of decency or respect. What do you even get out of this relationship that you can't get with someone better?

  2. There are mutual boundaries. That one should be implied, but maybe spelling it out might help you both. She needs to work on empathizing with and respecting your boundaries. It bothers you, so she needs to care about how that affected you.

  3. What are your ages. Sounds like a crush to me . I’d embarrass her in front of everyone to get her to stop . And you’re not respecting your brother by saying nothing because even he’s uncomfortable by it

  4. Yeah he's trying to control you, that's why he got a naive, freshly 18-year-old to raise his kid for him.

    My guess, whether or not you go back to work, he'll replace you with a new teenage girlfriend sooner or later

  5. Does it matter if they ask to hang out so long as he keeps telling them no? If he's telling them no just enjoy watching them be disappointed.

  6. Why don't I?

    Because hanging out with him is a bummer. No on likes to be around while wallowing in misery. The least he could do while home is to take over the chores.

    He needs a therapist for his depression. Dealing with his depression will also make him more attractive to you and his potential employers

  7. Wow, you weren't kidding.

    I hope OP wakes up and realizes that the potential of someone changing doesn't mean that they will, and that you don't need to be hurt in order to inspire that change.

  8. As a canadian I grew up learning both versions of the words. I still say chesterfield and rubbish instead of couch and garbage. I think you need to have a frank conversation that different cultures and places say things differently and it bugs you that he constantly corrects you. Point out that you don't correct him because it's unnecessary and rude. And if he continues just give him a boundary and see if he respects it.

  9. Regardless of whether you are a placeholder, which nobody can know, you are no longer happy in this relationship? That's a sign that, at 24, you two have perhaps outgrown each other and he is no longer meeting your needs. (PS: I think it's wise to not marry at 24, no matter how long you've been together.)

  10. I think this behavior stems from general low self esteem, and I find it to be a compatibility issue for me. I need to have a partner who can hold conversations, and being able to elaborate and share details during a conversation is part of that for me.

    You can try reassuring him that you're interested in hearing about the details of his day, no matter how mundane, but if he's settled on not sharing, I'm not sure there's much you can do.

  11. This person seems to be more concerned about what you can buy her in terms of gifts and trips rather than you (aka the person she’s supposed to be in the relationship with)

    She established she didn’t want you to get her anything? Take that at face value and stop fucking around with childish mind games.

    All in all, your gf seems like she sees you as a means to an end (obtaining gifts?) and not as a partner.

  12. My concern is if he decides to cover his tracks with another person like yourself that he would be putting in danger. That would be something that you could tell him. That you found out he was lying and putting you at danger of disease and was lied to.

    Then choose what to do after that, depending on his actions. That you are not interested in him and his actions. Don't argue about it, or discuss it, or anything, just tell him the facts and make your own choices.

  13. I’m super sorry to hear about what you’re going through, it must be so naked. That said, what about your husband’s life? You’re so concerned about yours that you never stopped to think about his. Maybe think about where he’s coming from and why. Best of luck to you.

  14. If you didn't dream that, I would seriously seriously go to the hospital so they make me a brain scanner or at least I would get a therapist.

  15. The dreams have been happening for the last 3 years, long before getting pregnant and back when things were great with my bf

  16. It sounds like you're feeling a bit possessive and jealous. The problem is that while you frame that as her disrespecting you, you're actually disrespecting her. If you keep doing that, you'll ruin the relationship.

  17. I can't speak on the SA definitively but you're definitely an asshole for pressuring her like that. Your insistence that you couldn't wait til she left was passive aggressive af.

  18. There are plenty of unmarried or poly men who can give you what you need. Just stop doing this with a married man.

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