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3 thoughts on “French-Lizylive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. God I am so sorry. I know right now you are probably ruminating over all your time together, trying to figure out what you did to scare him off, but when someone jumps ship with no prior warning like this, it is not about you.

    What this man did was fucked up. It is not an acceptable way to treat people, no matter what his circumstances are. It was cruel and wrong and you did not deserve it.

    My heart genuinely breaks for you right now. I can’t offer any advice on how to make sense of this, because I don’t think anyone but him can, but I hope you show yourself lots of grace and compassion in the coming weeks. And please, please call into work if you need to. I know it’s painful to sit inside your apartment, but nurse to nurse, you’re not safe to practice if you’re distracted by heartbreak. I’m so sorry this happened.

  2. I’m pregnant and plan to name my daughter’s middle name with my surname… stop being a controlling bigot and let your wife have this!

    Be lucky she issant insisting on having her sur name as the child’s last name

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