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49 thoughts on “fuckbate2015live sex stripping with hd cam

  1. You know what, you’re right. I mean I really only have two options right? Tell others to Punx sand aka “be defensive” or take it in that you are right.

    I’ll go downstairs and tell her that despite us loving each other and thinking we are happy, that the relationship subreddit has declared us “unviable” and I suppose we should move on.

    It’s just so weird coming from this sub, I mean, I know every post is met with “break up”, “red flag”, “that’s a boundary (when discussing someone else’s behavior)”. I mean it’s like it’s a bunch of bitter people rooting for everyone else to feel as shitty as them.

    She’s gonna be heartbroken, but clearly you know best! I’ll have her reach out to you for next steps and to get your foot size and address so we can send you your clown shoes.

  2. Fucked around and found out I guess? Don't give ultimatums you aren't prepared to follow through on, or that you aren't prepared for the consequences of.

  3. Yeah I don’t think I even respected my parents relationship when I was 13 that’s the time for angst and the worst time to introduce a 23 year old “stepmother”

  4. You're just dragging this out. Put your big boy pants on and have an adult, kind conversation with her to end it. Jebus – keep going like this and you'll end up married and asking if you should get divorced because you never really saw the two of you together.

  5. My recommendation is that you cannot let anyone else define your happiness. Sounds like you like her, and that's great, but your goals should be focused around your own self improvement and self love.

    Share the love that you have in your heart with her, but don't let anyone take it from you. It's your love. The love you have for yourself, that you share with those you interact with. If you love yourself and are focusing on getting better all the time and supporting others in their efforts to get better (as long as that support, mostly, isn't a detriment to your own progress), then the right people will start to come around.

    She's not reciprocating anymore and it's hurting you. Relationships are weird in life. Often, we want what we don't have and we don't value what we do have. It could be that she still thinks you're great, but is forgetting how to value you. Or it could be that she's not into it anymore and that's just the way shit goes sometimes.

    Personally, I wouldn't spend too much time analyzing why she's doing what she's doing right now. I would focus on learning to fully accept yourself and love yourself and make it your mission to be the best person you can be. Kick ass in school, workout, be a good friend to people, be financially responsible, and don't get fucked up on drugs and alcohol(also a drug) all the time. Build those characteristics and people will take notice.

    Focus on all that and, when you talk to her, enjoy your time talking to her. Be supportive, but you don't need her to reciprocate or do anything for you. The extra plus is that this will make you less clingy. Keep yourself busy. It'll payoff. One day, you'll look up and see all the awesomeness you've built around you through those steps.

  6. Did it happen to you while he was asleep? Because he could have something called Sexsomnia, but it's not ok no matter the situation. Did he acknowledge what he did afterwards? If he just blew past it like it doesn't matter you definitely have a problem.

  7. Oh ive never heard of these, i really need that, i am doing my best to not bump too deep, but it occasionally happens despite my best efforts. I am doing my best, but it still happens like once per 2 months. Its really nude to always worry about it, this seems awesome and i will finally be able to enjoy it without always worrying about hurting my gf

  8. The good news is that you’re 18. The bad news is that people will treat us exactly how we teach them to. It’s understable that he’s young and broke, but you’ve mentioned things that cost nothing to make you feel special and… nada. It seems like maybe he’s too comfortable doing nothing for you. If you’re willing to accept him staying that way, then you need to lower your expectations even further than they already are. If you decide you need your partner to do things to make you feel special, you need to make a change.

  9. So you think your daughter cannot hear him yelling at you?

    Do you think she cannot see him playing games all day?

    Don't you think she sees how she abuses you?

    Do you want her to think this is normal? Do you want her to get a BF and husband that treats her like shit because that's normal to her?

    He isn't good for her or with her.

  10. Imagine your favourite pizza. It's got extra of all your favourite toppings. But the pizza guy mixed the tomato sauce with a generous helping of dog shit. Will you try to scrape the worst parts off and eat it anyway?

  11. You’re telling this girl to leave her boyfriend of two years because he claims he’s sick when she is lolol.

    Yeah, 100%. It means he's a lying selfish sack of shit. Good people wouldn't do what he's doing.

    And then telling her “he will not change” as if you somehow have this magical power to know things about people you’ve never met in your life.

    He had many times to not do this. It isn't her job to teach him to be a bare minimum acceptable human.

    Please don’t take really shitty advice from women on Reddit.

    Your advice is that she has to he his mommy and teach him how to be a fucking adult? What? Everyone here is saying it isn't her job to teach him how to behave. And it isn't. Someone half his age knows better. Arguing against that means you think men are more childish, stupid, and self centered than women if you honestly think this is a men vs women issue.

    I don't think that. I think this particular guy is a self centered AH. If you think it's a sex thing then that you inserting your own sexism into it. You should view men more highly than that. It's concerning if you think it's acceptable for anyone to act like that guy is, and especially concerning if you think it's acceptable only because he's a guy and that women are wrong for calling it out.

  12. Is there a way to move forward from someone not wanting to be with you???

    Yes –> find someone else to date.

    (1) Have you had a long detailed conversation to see if this is actually a physical thing or if it's an “I'm just over you” kind of thing? (2) Do you really want to date someone who is fat shaming you? (3) Do you want to stay with the kind of person that couldn't be honest while you were in an LDR, despite the fact that he clearly could see you by zoom/facetime/etc. whenever you had a video session AND whenever you happened to meet in person?

    Personally I don't think your relationship is worth saving (from what's here). But conversation is the only only way to actually find out if its possible.

  13. Oh Gawd. She is as sensitive as a clitoris and you are as tactful as a razor. Not sure this will work

  14. That was all he could even find to try and make some kind of deal of. I know he is being crazy about it but I try to be understanding of his trust issues.

    Why do you make excuses for him? How is he working on his trust issues? Is he in therapy?

  15. This, @op my female friend recently got a text from a fling from SEVEN YEARS AGO. He wanted to get head and head out again. She blatantly called him out, funny as fuck.

  16. You have no evidence for his motives other than the yard work needs to get done and OP is outside a lot gardening. They're bound to be out at the same time.

    I already proposed a solution. Wife does the yard work from now on and hubby kicks back.

  17. You just decide to grow up.

    Do you have an issue with guys being taller than you? Thicker beards? It’s genetics. It’s a complete non- issue.

  18. That's controlling; you're forcing her to choose between a trip and you. It doesn't matter if she (possibly out of guilt and to not have you be more upset with her) agreed with you.

    The reason that this isn't a great idea is because being controlling/controlled can escalate very quickly. What will be the next thing you don't approve of? What is the next way she will need prove her trustworthiness after she skips this trip?

    Another thing to consider is that you are both adults. Isn't it much better to allow someone to live their life and choose to come back to you? If they make a wrong choice, it might hurt like hell but you dust yourself off and move on with or without them.

    You have a bumpy road ahead of you and I wish you both the best. You're both young and she made a big mistake but owned up to it and it's great of you to honor what you two have built so far.

  19. You don’t even have the whole story first of all and if they’re still working together and see each other the affair continues. Did you tell the POS’ wife? You should provide all the proof you have.

  20. At an absolute minimum, I'd prefer my partner to be trimmed. I personally shave whenever my boyfriend comes to visit.

    Get a trimmer and keep it maintained that way?

  21. Probably. I don't feel safe not knowing what he wants and I absolutely deserve to know if he wants different things. Now he is just acting like a child and running from a conversation. That's all.

  22. I can’t though. I love him with everything I am. I do consider it cheating and I have told him that before. He makes me feel worthless when he does that shit. But I can’t base our relationship on the sexual aspect. I don’t want to leave him. I just want things to get better

  23. ER does have a shortage because so many people are moving from XR to ER. I know because my pharmacy doesn’t have my scrip.

  24. In reality, I would rather spend time with him over my friends, but I was still just feeling a little anxious about my car.

    Why would you lie? If you can't be honest with your boyfriend who can you be honest with?

    That said, all you can do is make the future better. Ask him exactly what he needs to feel appreciated (words of affirmation and acts of service ) and do those things! Randomly text him that you love him, how grateful you are etc. It will mean a lot. Next time you visit bring him a small gift! His favorite snack/drink/anything can be small like that!

    You'll be ok. Don't get too hung up on the past. You are young, likely in your first serious relationship, and still learning. That's ok!

  25. i love him so deeply and want to be with him, i feel like he is the one.

    If he was the one, he wouldn't be dumping you over a situation that's none of his business because it's not his dog.

    If your dog is that aggressive he's repeatedly attacking people then he probably should be put down.

  26. I think it’s one of those things that you’re either OK with or not OK with. And if you’re not OK with it, I would stay away from it because it’s not gonna bring you peace every time she’s out with her guy friends.

  27. Glad to hear you shed that 150 lbs of loser known as boyfriend. It sounds like you are a much better friend of his lady friend than he is. Also, at least most of us did get the non serious, cutesy tone and situation surrounding the discussion, only some were too dense to notice. He called a cat perfect, why not his girlfriend, since it was just a non serious fun loving convo in the first place? Oh well, onto better adventures and people for you.

  28. Tell her you know. That you randomly found out about the film. That you’ve known for awhile. That you knew and still proposed. That nothing has changed your love and regard for her. Tell her you love her. Tell her you need her. Tell her you want to marry her. And that you love her and want her for always.

  29. She may just assume you already know, so I would not hesitate to get the conversation out of the way, just don’t bring it up during sex, there’s likely a reason she doesn’t do it anymore and you don’t want to trigger any trauma the industry might have caused her.

  30. If it were a “drunk mistake” (not that that would make it okay) then they would have apologized to OP in the days following. Instead the boyfriend has been calling her dramatic and accusing her of ruining the trip and the friends haven’t reached out at all. How on earth could OP have had an “adult conversation” with people who refused to stop mocking her, despite her repeated requests?

    Did we read the same post?

  31. You’re right to be hurt because the guy basically just told you I wanna screw somebody else. Are you still going to be nice to me afterwards. And no you’re not gonna be nice to him because he deliberately did it. I think at this point breaking up is a reasonable thing to do.

  32. Is one of the supplements/herbs tumeric or curry? Both will sue your fingers yellow. Tumeric is used a lot in folk medicine and sold as a legit supplement.

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