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Date: September 21, 2022
Actors: GannaWind

5 thoughts on “funnyteamm

  1. He’s already making you feel crazy and doubtful and you’re not even married. Just imagine how this turns out 15 years from now after a couple kids. I’m asking you because I made the mistake of marrying my guy and I can see how it turned out and I’d rather you were spared that horror.

  2. That’s because you have the WILL power to not be tempted to eat dairy ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️

    What part of she doesn’t have the spine to to say NO to temptation with food?

    Like why are people this dense in the comments not understand how good addictions work???

    She is addicted to some foods and those are weakness, which is WHY OP COULD OF ATE THEM IN THE CAR AS THEY SAID IN A COMMENT ON THIS PAGE TO AVOID ALL OF THIS!!!

  3. My mom worked with a girl in your situation. It is a horrible story, but I think it is important for you to hear.

    The girl, who was about your age, had a boyfriend that showed her tons of affection and told her he loved her. He brought her from Mexico to the US. When she got to the US, he changed entirely from the person she thought she knew. He told her she was there to work as a prostitute. When she refused, he and the men he worked with beat and raped her repeatedly until they broke her will. She was trafficked and ended up being forced into prostitution for years. In her case, she was recused and my mom met her at a shelter because she had to go into hiding to testify against her “boyfriend.” Many girls and women do not escape.

    Her boyfriend still seemed like a good guy when she left for the US. Your boyfriend is already pushy and controlling when you aren't even there. It will be worse when you are in a country with no friends, no money, and no support. Even if he isn't a trafficker, he is an abuser. You are the most powerful you'll ever be in this relationship right now and you still feel powerless. It will be worse when you are far from home and forced to rely on him.

    Use your power to leave him and protect yourself. Do not go to the US. Do not continue this relationship. Please be safe.

  4. Maybe find a girlfriend that is more respectful towards you. A girlfriend that accept you for who and what you are and is appreciative of the money that you do provide for her. Maybe find a girlfriend that is respectful of you and your relationship and what you do provide.

  5. You only had a very short relationship, so I would not be hard on yourself as to what you have to learn.

    You said she is divorced, so who knows what mental scars she is still carrying.

    You are wise to let her be and don’t contact her until or if she contacts you first.

    She probably does not owe you an explanation given the brevity of your relationship, but obviously something in the background has pulled her back.

    Enjoy the time you had and move on for now.

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