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Date: September 25, 2022

31 thoughts on “Gloria-Light live sex chats for YOU!

  1. Wow, that’s a lot of ASSuming you’re doing there. You have absolutely no context into what sort of creepy comments the guy was making before she fired him. Sounds to me like she’s a good boss who wants to make sure her employees feel safe at work. Coddling sexual harassers is not what a good boss does. You’ve got a lot of shitty opinions for someone who admittedly hasn’t been in the workplace for FIFTEEN YEARS. Guess what, sugar tits, a lot of us don’t have to put up with harassment in the workplace anymore. You might want to talk to a professional about all that internalized misogyny you’ve got going on there. See how dumb it sounds to make ridiculous assumptions like that?

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  3. You weren't honest with strangers on the internet, in a question where you were asking how to win back trust. Wake up.

  4. If he can't tell you where he is going or when he will be back then he doesn't need to be using your car.

    Your dad should stay out of your relationship!! Doesn't it make you creep-ed out that your dad is okay with someone treating you this way?? Because it sure creeps me out! Your dad should have YOUR back on this, not his.

  5. Hate this vibe he has, very negative. I'm a big fan of heartfelt also, and it doesn't matter how advanced the prose – I just want to see the words written down. “I love you, you matter to me, that day is one I'll never forget, I wish you were in my arms tonight”.

    You are asking for actions. In the form of some words. A thoughtful card with some heartfelt emotions tells you something about the guy you're dating. Just some vunerability is enough.

  6. Sounds like you need to grow up and understand how inappropriate it is to share intimate details of someone else, especially something they may find to be self conscious of too.

    Your reaction to the comment seems like it’s something you didn’t like. Think that is probably how he would feel, upset and defensive. It’s just hurtful. If you cared for him at all, even just as another human being be kinder.

  7. Everyone's got there own boundaries and family dynamics, ours are very different but I see what you're saying. In my circles, the friend would be considered legit family in all but name. She'd be aunty so and so to the little ones, and it would be understood that she'd be at gatherings. She'd have to do something VERY drastic to lose her place, having a one-night stand more than a decade ago wouldn't do it.

  8. Thanks for the reply.

    She needs to learn to communicate her feelings of neglect better and give you a fair chance to meet her needs before seeking elsewhere

    She has already admitted this, but that being said, she also says she’s not sure whether it’s too late to salvage regardless of both of our mistakes.

  9. No worries

    Ideally, expectations would be communicated at the beginning of a relationship rather than you only finding out that it's a dealbreaker for him now

    It'd be good to bring up that conversation early on in the dating process, in the future. You might find that your next partner doesn't care who you tell

  10. You can love someone but not be the right partner for you. He is clearly not the one for you. He will not change for you because he is content with his beliefs and place in life. This incompatibility with only get worse with time.

  11. I feel like you're trying to paint a very dubious picture. I can't help but wonder where is that coming from. Trust issues or a mid-life crisis perhaps.

  12. Child support is mandated

    Unfortunately, it's not. OP has to apply for it. If she doesn't, he doesn't pay a dime. That said, if she applies for welfare, they'll require her to apply for child support. And it'll likely be part of a divorce settlement as well.

  13. This is the healthiest relationship you've ever been in? yeesh.

    This guy is controlling and really weird. Get out ASAP

  14. As I said this is a area I’m very familiar with. When on acid you can drink like a fish. It’s not uncommon to go through a case of beer yourself and yet you still won’t feel drunk in the traditional sense. You’re much more aware of your surroundings. He could have been drunk before taking it which could make a slight difference but once that acid kicks in he would have sobered up from the booze pretty quickly.

    And yes acid can make you lose parts of the night when tripping really hard. I’ve been to shows that o don’t really remember once I sober up but while you’re there you’re still aware of who people are. Just because you can blackout on two separate things doesn’t always mean that combining them means double trouble. Also.. it was one tab.

    This guy is just a liar and a moron.

  15. Fantasies that should’ve remained as such.

    Time + marriage counseling + vanilla sex for a period seems like the best option but not necessarily a guaranteed fix

  16. You did the best thing with blocking her. I've been on both sides of this and it is very difficult. When someone is not healthy and you know ANY contact will make them have false hope, it's better for them to have a clean break, too. I'm sorry it didn't work out.

  17. Is it just me or his “friendship” with L and B is very abnormal?

    It's wierd.

    What do you think about those toxic friends?

    They are losers.

    About him and the situations?

    He's a loser.

    What would you do if you were me?

    Break up and stay far away from these people.

  18. I’m not sure. I’m open to anything as long as he tells me the truth. I don’t mind being friends with him, but I’ll be asking to cut the constant talking and his flirting off.

    Btw the one who cheated on me was my ex, not the current guy I’m talking about. The cheating was never my fault, it was just his choice since I didn’t mind him keeping in touch w his ex.

    As for the current guy, I have no idea why he does that. I only asked about the ex once and that was it. Never had any other issues since I’ve got a lot of friends too.

  19. Parents can be so frustrating. I remember when I was a teenager shouting to my parents “together you are over 100 years old, why am I telling you how to behave?”. I had a sit down with my parents many years ago where I explained them that this was the last effort, if we couldn't work it out I would be gone forever. They decided to spend that time telling me that I had everything wrong and remembered everything incorrectly and took everything out of context. I haven't spoken to them in many years.

  20. This is why I ask and feel like she is just totally overwhelmed and is pushing me away. She started pushing then more things happened, (and how I reacted didn't help), so then it kept going.

  21. Reach out now to offer sympathy and an ear or shoulder whenever she needs one, but keep your feelings to yourself for the moment as she has enough to deal with and her feelings must be in turmoil. Now is the time to be there for her and give her all the support you can. If she's the right girl for you, it'll keep.

  22. As a woman who is a similar age to the BF, has a strong sense of self & is way too assertive, I can honestly tell you that there is nothing wrong with OPs BF keeping mementos & staying in touch with an ex.

    Keeping mementos from past relationships with normal, and doesn't mean he is cheating.

  23. You don't need her to agree.

    Call a lawyer. Sign the papers. Give her the papers. And go your separate ways.

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