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  1. Go look up the relationship between codependency (you) and narcissism (him). That will answer (1) why he thinks you’re an idiot when you’re clearly not, and (2) why you want to stay with someone who vacillates between treating you great and treating you like you’re an idiot. Get your answers, get into therapy, keep the cat, and tell him to scram.

  2. Also do you really love him or just love the idea of what you thought you had.

    Their is true grief in a loss like the life you were planning. But it’s not healthy if it’s not productive grief.

    Reality is these actions he has done. You deserve better. You don’t want someone you can’t trust.

    The truth is maybe they got together 6 days later but he didn’t just form that attachment that day. He was provably in an emotional affair with this person. They turned his head and he didn’t even have the respect after 2 years to have a basic conversation with you to break up.

    Then he turns to you first chance when he is not happy with oppps karma..

    Um no. There are good loyal loving men in this world. Make space in yourself to find them. Spend your energy on developing into an amazing successful person and put yourself in spaces to meet other amazing people.

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