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Date: September 27, 2022

3 thoughts on “Helena-Baker on-line webcams for YOU!

  1. Ask her about it. She might not even remember she said it. In any case it's important to air this out because the actual issue is the drinking. This is all self-sabatage, and pretending it didn't happen makes it worse. She'll dive deeper into herself.

  2. You will be disappointed and sad at first because you had some good moments in the relationship and she ruined it by choosing her friend over you.

    But the upside to all of this is way more valuable than the relationship with her. Because all of the bad times where she ALLOWED her friend to bully you will far outweigh any good that was had in the relationship.

    You did everything you could. You did what most people couldn’t do and stood up for yourself. It sounds like you have a decent job and a stable life. Your have self worth, and no bully, ex gf, or anyone else can say otherwise.

    You will look back on this and realize the BULLET that you dodged. You almost gave your life to a person that didn’t love you enough to stick up for you. Accept her for who she truly is, a person that chooses a toxic friend over everyone else, accept her for her flaws, and move on.

    You should not have kept your mouth shut. Had you done that. You’d have had the same outcome, accept you’d have felt pathetic for not sticking up for yourself when you had the chance.

    You are a strong person. You’ve taken a big step toward loving yourself. You deserve better from a girlfriend.

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