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  1. She knew about it, he was texting in front of her. There was no secrecy. He answered every question asked.

    OP stated she chose not to ask for more information. She chose not to ask the friend’s name. She chose not to take an interest in what he was doing.

    If only all secrets were this secret he. There’s be no secrets.

  2. You walking out should have been the last contact you had with him. The dude sounds like one massive red flag. You deserve to be with someone who will respect the things you do and do not want to do and when you say no it means no. Not trying to coerse you into things you are uncomfortable with.

  3. I agree with this. He sounds lazy unless there is some deep reason for any of these.

    If he doesn’t go down on you, then he should be ok with not getting blowjobs as well.

  4. We broke up. She said her mental health was struggling and she couldn’t work on herself while being in a relationship, because she couldn’t put the energy into the relationship. It’s just so harsh when I see her developing these close relationships with other people. She refused to get therapy because she said she wasn’t ready and wouldn’t do couples therapy.

    I don’t feel like she tried at all.. I just feel so broken and unloved. She told me I was her safe space this week, that she wasn’t taking space to break up. She said she still loves me and still wants to marry me?? I don’t even understand how she could say that to me. She said even if we took a break she wouldn’t know how long she needed and it wouldn’t be fair on me.

  5. You talk to weird people. Yeah it is a red flag. Maybe more common in some communities.

    Any way, most of the research I've seen on this point this kind of fetish to be more common in women and man have the majority in incest (in the weird fetish categories) but it's still a minority of people.

  6. U are not overreacting my friend. I always say this, if u have to go through their phone more then likely ur gonna find what u didn't want to find. I know phones are meant to be secured for the person who uses it but abusing ur device to commit atrocious acts towards ur partner is unforgivable. I find phones to be a huge problem in relationships cuz it made it easier for people to hide their cheating closer to home. That's just my opinion of phones but anyways I would leave her cuz she had plenty of chances to tell u n purposely hid it till she felt the time was right to tell u. That's not trustworthy material at all no matter how much she cries and begs about it. People don't learn till they fall straight on their asses with no one to catch them, cheaters will keep cheating till they recognize in themselves that they will end up alone unless they went poly in their relationships. If the girl wants a monogamous relationship then she should've already been practicing to do that but clearly she is ants other people involved even behind ur back soooo yea I wouldn't even look or talk to her, infact I would move and cut off all communication cuz that's some negative shit u don't need in ur life, we're all adults here so it's time we start acting like it. Giving children a second chance at something u THOUGHT they were serious about is a waste of time n effort. Best of luck friend.

  7. your mom is right like jesus dude can't you use protection? you have 11 children and two on the way, are you even taking care of them or do you just want to have your seeds spread everywhere on the planet? what's wrong with you dude? those kids are gonna have a lot of daddy issues with a dad who's present only if their mom call you lol you are a piece of s*/t honestly, I don't understand how can someone be so irresponsible and calling himself a “dad”. You're not, you're just a sperm donor for those poor women who may wanted to have kids (or they didn't and you just made them mothers over night). you suck, you should apologize to your mother and to all of those women and your kids for leaving them with a dad that's only there when he's asked to.

  8. She could have waited till after if she was serious. She backed herself into this position but what she is asking would be reasonable to me. If she was ready to be exclusive with you she wouldn't be excited to go to an orgy that doesn't include you.

  9. You have been physically assaulted and need to seek legal advice and a protective order against your abuser.

  10. Hey! You’re answering questions you don’t know the answers to. Try to deal with facts. You know that you spent a lot of time with each other and were very close, that’s usually a good sign that you’re into each other. You know that she’s into women, so that’s obviously a good thing.

    There’s no point trying to move on from these feelings when she could feel the same way, and trying to cover up feelings never really works (take this from someone that was best friends with someone for years before we both finally admitted how we felt about each other). I’d talk to her about it, if she feels the same way, great, but if she doesn’t, it’s not healthy for you to stay such close friends with her because you’ll struggle to move on.

  11. Are you sure you want an exclusive relationship? I only ask because sometimes I wonder if women want an exclusive relationship because that is what we SHOULD want.

    If it is what you want then set up some internal time frames. If you are going out around a week then the end of January seems fine.

  12. I don’t understand why she is so upset and why she refuses to talk to me

    If you break the silence and lead with anything, best lead with an apology. It can be odd, being at your partner's place, with their friends/housemates there and then get abandoned for 45 minutes. That's a long time to be twiddling your thumbs. Nude to know what to do with yourself at that point. Chill, sleep, go down and join them? It's an awkward situation to be in.

    So probably best to apologise, explain that the conversation was heavy, unexpected and you lost track of time. If it's a regular thing, make it less regular assuming things aren't already done. Also a heads up can help, acknowledge she's there on her own and at least explain that there's some real shit going down with a friend and you've got to go offer support.

  13. Your therapist's not wrong and thankfully your boyfriend is far more mature than you are. Try to hold onto him because the kind of guy you think you want is the type that'll just easily kill you as get into bar fight over you. Being crazy jealous is a deep, deep character flaw that you shouldn't seek out in life. Keep working in therapy and try your hardest to appreciate things like romance, open communication and the kind of mutual devotion that never devolves into violence (jealously being the twin of physical abuse). Make a concerted effort to become friendly with other women. Until you can value yourself as more than just a plaything for emotionally unstable men you're never going to be able to have a heathy relationship. So if you've got a relatively stable man already you're more than halfway to knowing what it means to be normal. Just don't mess it up since he's already the example of what you should be striving for. Good luck

  14. Communication is a skill that can be learned. You sound to be in a good place to start therapy, as you understand what you are doing that is causing problems.

  15. Ugh. This ?.

    So. I can tell me right now that for me, personally, I would dump him flat on his ass.

    I was in a similar situation.

    My ex fiancee made 10 dollars more than me, we had a deal to split our rent, but it was in her name, so I would pay her monthly for my portion of rent and bills.

    Low and behold, when the first month of rent is due, I asked how much I owed her, and she told me she'd let me know… she never did. Fast forward 11 months later, with me having asked every. single. month. What my portion of the bills was, and she never told me.

    But constantly harassed me for having such a low paying job, for working such an easy job, for having such an easy life….

    I felt SO shitty about myself, and my finances, that I picked up overtime, to the point that I was working for months with no day off.

    Cue her complaining about my overtime pay being less than hee regular pay, so I should just quit… how I had it SOOO easy working 8 hour shifts instead of 12 (except, you know, I was working 7 8 hour shifts in a week and she was working a max of 4 12 hour shifts…).

    She also had an ENTIRE week off once a month but still made me do ALL of the cleaning and the laundry because “you don't contribute otherwise, it's the least you can do…”.

    Yeah. Gtfo here with that bullshit.

    I got dumped after 11.5 years, over text message, while I was… get this… working… because I wasn't “supportive, and I wasn't home enough so it was like living with a roommate.”

    Don't ever put yourself in that kind of position, please.

    I don't want you to end up hurt, and in the same spot I'm at.

    I got dumped in 2021, and i STILL have absolutely terrible boundaries with work, because my ex wrecked my sense of self worth.

    If I'm not working, or doing something productive, I feel like shit. Having days off has literally given me panic attacks because “im being lazy, I should be working, I don't need to be sleeping”.

    Please, please, value yourself more then I valued myself.

  16. I don’t wanna assume she’s cheating, buuuuut my dark side is v angy about that “ice cream with guy bff” situation…If that were my husband/wife I’d be furious

  17. Don't be his plan b.

    Don't spend your time with this guy when you know that he's still looking elsewhere. It will bite you later down the road.

    And I kinda have to agree that the way you found out is crappy, but I was in your shoes once years ago. I snooped. I found. I bailed.

  18. We didn’t exactly break up because of me not appreciating him, his behaviour from that stemmed into what caused the breakup. He turned psychotic if im honest and he still seems to be at slightly psychotic now. I’m not going to do anything he wants because it’s been years and he knows I’ve changed, I do nothing to show him anything other than love and attention and he seems to be (not abusing) but he knows he can snap at me now and I won’t say anything.

    I have allowed him to be nasty to me a lot because I thought I deserved it, but after 3 years if he can’t work that out, that’s on him not me. I don’t still deserve it now, I’ve more than enough proved myself to him.

  19. Tell your friend you are going to smash her and see how he reacts. If he doesn’t care- smash away. If he cares- respectfully tell him you were just giving him a heads up and then- smack away.

  20. My pleasure! Thanks for asking.

    I volunteer as a facilitator for a comprehensive sexuality education program for adults that focuses on sexual identity, sexual health, intimacy, sensuality, and sexualization. I just have more access to information because of that work that I do.

  21. Your feelings are valid based on what you’ve described. So it sounds like the real issue isn’t the dj thing, it’s deeper and more broadly about what, for you, feels like an uneven effort/recognition of your interests and hobbies, and therefore wants and needs. Her bristling at you expressing your feelings is further evidence that a bigger discussion should be had about this misalignment.

    But I would be super careful about how you word things. Is this a conversation you’ve tried to have, but she doesn’t seem to be seeing things as they are? From her perspective, whether she realizes it or not, her acknowledging how badly she missed the mark would be confirmation of two things, that she maybe isn’t doing a great job listening, but perhaps that she really is trying, yet is still falling flat, which feels crappy when we think we are doing a good job, or don’t see our own blind spots.

    Some people are excellent gift givers, and some of us are not, despite our best efforts. Sometimes us not being good at things isn’t proof of us not caring, though. I hope so, for your sake.

  22. Have you considered that the two of you just aren’t compatible? Of course he talked to his family about your arguments, and then he lied about it.

    What advice could anyone here possibly give you?

  23. Part of getting married is Adulting 2.0.

    I would first tell step-dad that you will be announcing your decision that HE will be walking you down the aisle. He can keep a secret and this will bolster your resolve.

    Go to grandma and sit her down with tea or something sweet. Explain that you love her and it's nude to say this but you have to get this straightened out asap. Then talk about your two dads and their roles over the years and explain why it has to be step-dad walking you down the aisle. Phrases like “As a grown up now I have to make difficult decisions” and “bio dad watched my step-dad walk me through life. He can watch step-dad walk me down the aisle” are perfectly ok.

    Grandma will have her feeling but don't buckle. This has already been decided.

    Tell bio dad you decided on step-dad. Tell him you hope he understands and let HIM work through his feelings. He is not your problem.

  24. Thank you, really appreciate your reply. I won’t rush into anything, just trying to understand my situation and thoughts 🙂 I have amended my initial question as it was very misleading to be honest

  25. Agree – trying to negotiate all of these events in a new area where you have no support system is a part of the problem. Moving is stressful, but it sounds like you have no one in your current location

  26. Honey you’re too young to be waiting around for a grown man to change. Don’t waste your 20s waiting for someone to not be abusive, leave his sorry abusive ass and find happiness for yourself

  27. After the three month mark I’d send them a letter. Spell out very clearly that you and your spouse are very happy with the pregnancy. You’re not looking for their approval or criticism. If they would like to be part of their grandchild’s life you both would like that as long as it doesn’t involve judgment or negativity. Sign the letter from both you and your spouse. Then let it go. If they call with positive feedback great, if not then your child will still be welcomed into your loving home and have the benefit of one set of loving grandparents. You aren’t in control of your parents’ feelings and you’re old enough to live! your own life.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy.

  28. You're choosing people to call friend who have only used you and don't feel the same way about you.

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