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  1. Sometimes people just don't like your face. Or don't see anything in common with you. It's fine don't take it personally or make it a big thing. I'm a female site manager for a general contractor, if I got upset every time I didn't like someone's vibe toward me I'd drive myself insane.

  2. Calling her c*** was probably inappropriate but everything else was appropriate imo.

    I'm not sure how they would get enough money for your college tuition in California. You'll be paying out-of-state tuition for the first year and those are usually pretty high.

  3. I’d talk with your bf. Let him know your concerns about her being around so much that the two of you won’t have enough time together. I’d worry about privacy, too.

    This will definitely change the dynamic and I really get why this wouldn’t necessarily be a positive change for you. And if she’s a crappy roommate, there could be all sorts of drama.

  4. Okay sugar deep breath. Things are escalating and that’s scary from your side and watching from this side. You need to tell someone. Mom, dad, best friend, brother, sister tell someone. You don’t need them to tell you what to do, but you can’t be alone in a relationship that is moving towards violence. 2nd see a therapist alone. Asap they, they will help you make the right decision for you.

    3 I’m not sure what your therapist said that you didn’t like but tell your new therapist. Or maybe important that you properly work through that.

    4 please do it soon, be safe. when you look back on this time you will wonder why you didn’t do whatever it is you need to do sooner.

  5. I would let things be. Things should just feel natural and I'm sure you wouldn't want to be w someone who makes such a strong decision like that over something so loose as “spirit guides”. It's one thing if people don't mesh well, it's another to let your zodiac and spirt guides influence major decisions imo.

  6. Thank you! This is exactly what a friend of mines said that the only real solution is him cutting communication until they actually get it or I feel comfortable. But he thinks he can play both sides or force me to bow down that’s why Im at my wits end. How could he leave me for a week during the holidays bc of their actions over the past few years and make me feel bad for not believing it’s genuine? Seriously feel like I’ve gotten serious ptsd from this relationship like they’ve almost driven me crazy from the amount of gaslighting and him pretending not to get it. (Or no he says he does but doesn’t know what to do)

  7. Are you sure that staying in your dorm room is even an option? At my school all the residence halls closed for winter break. One year when my departure was delayed I had to wait for my ride at the student union because of this.

  8. She made the decision and you handled it with grace. Now, she regrets her decision because she feels like what it is without you. But, this is a fickle woman and definitely not someone stable enough to have children with.

    Be glad this happened before marriage or children where you'd be tied to her for life and owe her boatloads of money forever.

    Let her go. She did you a favor. She knows she fucked herself over. But, her loss is your gain.

  9. Now to the thing about him not doing his job.. Dosent he make you cum in bed, is that it? Because that is a problem and something you guys need to work on.. He dosent get a freepass

  10. First, ask yourself why you want another chance with this man. Let me get this straight:

    He knew you were overweight and presumably fell in love with you that way and thought you were beautiful when he met you and then made the decision to marry you. After he had already married you, you continued the pattern of having fluctuating weight, yet suddenly it became a big problem for him. You've always been making an effort with your weight, and it sounds like it's always been a source of concern and suffering for you, yet he's more focused on how it affects him. If it was such a big deal he didn't have to marry you in the first place. Your weight issues are rooted in trauma, yet again he's most concerned about how it affects him. You set a deadline for your to get better; figured out a way to lose weight in a way that felt healthy, sustainable, and addressed the root causes; and MET THE DEADLINE. Good for you! Yet even though you met the deadline, fully achieved your goal, and are not at a healthy weight and optimistic for the future, he is still trying to find ways to make you feel guilty and like you're at risk of losing him.

    I hope you continue your self esteem work, because you may discover that you can do way better than this guy, *and* that he's the cause of some of your issues. If I had to guess, I'd say he enjoys having you on edge and begging for him to keep you because it makes him feel powerful and/or he gets benefits like you being extra nice to him and overlooking his flaws. Otherwise, why in the world would he marry an overweight woman and then act like her weight was ruining his life? And then when that woman loses weight and is confident she can keep it off, he finds another way for that to be suspicious and not good enough either. What a complete and total jerk. Please realize you deserve better.

  11. DNA test. I read a story once where the woman was accused of cheating and sure enough the test came back saying the husband was not the father. But that was just the beginning of the story. The woman KNEW she had not cheated so she did a DNA test and she was not the mother. Turned out the hospital had switched the babies. It never hurts to know for sure. Just for your peace of mind.

  12. Try to destress. Had it happen to me months ago and it was mostly a stress thing. Also try to withhold from your daily wank. Going a week or two without that release can be a good reset button especially if you’ve become desensitized from porn

  13. No. He wants to control you. He started dating you before you were an independent adult. He wants to keep you as helpless and reliant on him as possible. This dude is a CREEP. A 31 year old single dad does not belong anywhere near an 18 year old, let alone forcing her into a parent role. This is flying so many red flags.

  14. So does your mom and stepfather rely heavily you to contribute financially then? Do they try and control your money?

    Aside from this situation…. Is your mom usually difficult? Or is it just because of the baby stuff that she’s acting out of the norm?

  15. You should break up with him because he's a grown-ass 34 year old man dating a chick in her early 20s. Fuckin yikes.

  16. He has the false mindset that she's the prize. She isn't. He is. This is why it's customary for a bride's family to pay for the wedding.

  17. I changed my mind: red velvet cake with chocolate fudge icing.

    Identical hair, too.

    Man, all your friends are twinsies!

  18. Assuming his actual behavior towards you hasn't changed, your insecurities are neither his fault nor his responsibility. Honestly you need to go to therapy or just get over it. I agree with him, partners are supposed to lift each other up. Your lack of confidence doesn't give you the right to pull him down. He's putting in the work to make these changes within himself. If you want change, you need to make an effort.

  19. Sounds like you don't align in values or how you view the power dynamic of your relationship (you want something more of a partnership and he wants to be the head of the relationship).

    Consider if this is something you want long term – do you want someone who believes you should have less say in decisions or someone you cannot be authentic around?

    Sounds like he wants a cookie cutter girlfriend who listens to whatever he wants.

  20. Christ alive, you're 28 years old. Quit acting like you're still in high school, and just ask him.

    “Hey, Jake, I was wondering if you'd want to get a drink together sometime, no pressure.”

    That's it, easy mode.

  21. Which begs the question, is he the laughter of a baby (baby’s laughter) or a mass murderer of infants (baby slaughter).

  22. The next time he tries to insist, remind him that he has literally already implied he'd be with her if he could be, calmly explain that you've decided you've listened to him try to suggest helping him park alongside her to wait for her boyfriend to leave and that you won't be keeping him company while he does.

    Walk away action star-style without looking back at the fire.

  23. Op, as a woman, I can tell you that the only reason I would consider those strips would be if I wanted to get pregnant. So be weary.

    But let's give her the benefit of the doubt and have a conversation about the future with her, talk about those things, see if she opens up. If she doesn't even open up or give you any explanation, she isn't worth it. Don't be with someone who compromises your future without your consent.

  24. I really hate the idea that just because you are with someone or love someone, you are no longer allowed to be attracted to anyone else. It's not reality.

  25. Omg I know, so true! She may have picked up on it better if it was just a fair weather friend. But in my life experiences, whenever you are alone with a guy, whether it’s a BIL, sister’s boyfriend, friends bf, when they start the whole negging while telling you how great you are, always expect a come on,and shut it down. Sooner you shut it down, the quicker they get the hint not to try, usually at least. She can’t ever be alone with this guy if his wife still wants him.

  26. You were drugged against your will and your bf is upset with YOU? He should be upset on your behalf. Things could have gone much, much worse and he's worked up over some drunken kisses?

    You can't make it better, because to make 'it' better you'd have to be able to make him a decent person.

    He's the one ending things on a sour note.

  27. Thank you for replying. I do feel that it is for the best we don’t get back together, but it’s weird that a part of me feels guilty for not even trying. The what if, but I would never want to turn into that shell of a person again.

  28. Yes. You should be worried. You don’t know that he’ll never hit you. I had several friends in high school that would have said the same thing until they did get hit. This isn’t just not okay. It’s scary. Don’t be this woman. Please. You should never be scared of a boyfriend. Ever. Or scared around him. Please leave him. If you don’t want to listen to a stranger on the internet, call a domestic violence hotline and be honest about his issues. Trust them.

  29. No. He needs to grow up and learn how to deal with his emotions. If you don't leave I would insist that he gets therapy to learn coping mechanisms to having his widdle ego hurt. If he refuses then you can decide what to do

  30. No. He needs to grow up and learn how to deal with his emotions. If you don't leave I would insist that he gets therapy to learn coping mechanisms to having his widdle ego hurt. If he refuses then you can decide what to do

  31. This! If you have close friends graduating with you, I’m willing to bet their family would love to have you tag along over celebrating by yourself.

  32. I do this, too. You can also find design programs that help, too. Once you save your furniture dimensions into the program, you can just pop new arrangements together.

  33. His friend group is scattered across the country now, and my understanding is that he hasn't caught up with them over the past few months. The last time they were all together was before we started dating. His roommate is part of this friend group and shared with some others that we were dating, which is when the whole “you have to tell your ex” thing came up.

    My understanding is that my bf and his ex only communicate through group chats that include 3-4 other friends. He doesn't speak to her 1 on 1 over the phone, and I've seen their texts and they've probably exchanged 7-8 messages over the past year.

  34. Bffr stop acting as if that means ur “growing and changing ?”, you just got bored of your partner and wanna fuck some strange.

  35. He celebrates 2 years of sobriety this week

    That's awesome, and I'm proud of both of you. Also, you're a saint for making some spaghetti at 3am.

    I’m sorry I fought you guys so naked, and thank you for telling me the truth even though I wasn’t ready to hear it.

    The truth is nude to hear. A lot of people come here asking for advice but can't accept the truth. I'm really glad that everything worked out for you guys and I wish you the best.

  36. This is a him issue that he's trying to make into a you issue.

    Do you really want a relationship like this?

  37. you might wanna check on her businesses, establishment, license & go live to see if any bad remark/repo etc. you can also go to the police station & enquire about her as it could be an undercover sex worker thing.

    use all this as proof to tell him to stop.

    I have a feeling he is being used/abuse for sex & money.

  38. She didn’t WANT a new car! She likes her car. She does have kids. None of this is her responsibility. And kicking her out of her room when she was paying rent is not only selfish and ridiculous, it’s probably illegal. Rent = tenant.

  39. OP, I took a look at your post history and it seems like you are aware you've made a mistake moving so quickly with this man. It's not too late to undo that mistake. This is not a suitable parent for your children. You know this.

    Time to protect your kids. You are all they have. Divorce this man and stay single while you go to therapy. Wait much, much, much longer in the future before you install someone as a parental figure.

  40. It makes me wonder if you get obviously frustrated at him for this so his mind basically is telling him to double down on the apologizing despite it being what you want him to stop.

    A lot of this sounds unintentional and like he’s either ND or has some other stressors at play that aren’t related to just you. Making him feel like he’s allowed to be who he is vs being more universally “socially acceptable” in how he communicates would give him a little room for that anxiety to lessen a little.

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