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Date: September 27, 2022

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  1. It could be as simple as he doesn't want to be responsible for an unstable person if she harms herself. If she ODs or whatever at his house that's gonna fuck up his relationship with her family forever, even if he did everything he could.

  2. You may have missed some context there little fella. They followed me around comment to comment, by the time I got to this one I’ve already explained what’s up several times.

    That’s the thing with communication, easy to misinterpret, and that’s been my point the whole time.

    Thank you for aiming to my Ted talk

  3. You don't need the father's name on the birth certificate to file it. In fact him not signing will give him no legal rights to his children until paternity established within the courts.

  4. You don't even need to dump him, he's not your boyfriend lmao. Just say you're not interested anymore

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