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Date: September 26, 2022

5 thoughts on “Im-kandy live webcams for YOU!

  1. First of all

    You don't owe him anything. Absolutely nothing… It's disgusting and manipulative that he even says that.

    Second of all.. A man who's 30 shouldn't be interested in a 20 year old.. No matter how “mature” you are for your age, he's taking advantage of you

  2. If other people's fortune and success makes you angry/upset, that really is a YOU problem. Maybe get therapy to get to the source of these feelings so you can properly deal with them. This can easilu result in toxic behavior on your end towards your friend.

  3. Try this… And it's gonna take some real patience and grace…

    She's not thinking logically so your logic is likely to fall on deaf ears.

    Instead, try to tap into emotion more. Use compassion and empathy instead of logic.

    Take real concern in her fears. Imagine the stress she's going through. She doesn't want to feel that way – it's torture.

    Try to get on her level there and really help her understand that although you don't agree with her level of concern… You can at the very least see where she's coming from.

    Ask her what it's like to feel the way she does and allow her space and time to express herself. Don't interrupt, don't correct, don't judge.

    Just listen. Let her express how she feels and thinks.

    And just be there for her. Show empathy. Show concern. She's the love of your life afterall, we all know you don't want her tl feel like this.

    Sometimes people act this way because they don't feel truly SEEN. Maybe talk to her about that. Maybe even talk to her about how you might have a role in this situation.

    Could you pay her more attention? Could you bring in more romance? Could you listen more and work any less?

    Her behavior sounds inexcusable, of course. But it's coming from a place of fear for her marriage and her life. It's coming from a desperation to keep her marriage together because it obviously means the world to her.

    I'm telling you… So often, especially as men, we try so hot to FIX THINGS… and I know you wanna do that – just fix this problem. But sometimes just listening is what a woman needs. Put all the distractions away… Sit with her somewhere quiet… Look her in the eyes… And just really listen…

    Your empathy, understanding and attention will do far more than your logic, I guarantee it.

    Then once the fire has died down a bit, you guys can really dig into some practical, reasonable things that might put her at ease moving forward.

    I think it might work.

    What are your thoughts on all I said here?

  4. He is a POS. Have nothing to do with him. He is cheating on his girlfriend. He would cheat on you. He is using for side piece.

    Have some self-respect and do not go after people in relationships.

  5. This is the right answer. You don’t want to be directly involved tbh but she needs to come clean herself & if not, she can’t hate you for it. You gave her the chance.

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