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  1. This is my thoughts as well. I'm very confused as to why OP is having so much trouble with this. I would be offended if a partner told me they needed my written consent to wake me up with oral.

  2. Its normal, you cant expect someone to delete tht. People like having memories. Even when they dont have anything with tht person. And she broke up just 6 months before. I still have pictures of my first ex which was years back tht doesnt mean i still want him or anything thts just a memory nor do i stalk tht picture. It is just laying there. Dont overthink

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  4. I'm proud of you for getting out of that! Looking back at your last post, your ex-boyfriend was a real piece of work. He and his best friend deserve each other. Be proud of yourself for getting out of that situation – a lot of girls at 18 years old would have stayed with him and suffered through more bull. I hope you are able (or already have!) to find a good man who will treat you right and that you can give all of your love to!

  5. A break should be a reset on thinking about moving in together. You even say in the post relationship is fairly new. And it seems like you knew you were on probation when moving in together. You're just full of bad decision making.

  6. Are you laughing bc he lied in such a stupid way and is gaslighting you or bc you believe it bc he sound awful and he sound alike he on purpose isolated and bath trpped you i would run

  7. This didn’t even cross my mind until I read your comment. I trusted him to be loyal seen as he’s been cheated on twice….

  8. But that’s “if”. I will agree treatment is far more advanced than it used to be. That’s still not an acceptable answer though to steal someone else choice from them

  9. Me and my partner have had multiple threesomes and we are still going stronger than ever. But the difference is we both never had any doubts, or needed to be “open minded” about it. We both 100% wanted it and still enjoy it.

    If there is any doubt from any party you should proceed with utmost caution

  10. Whether you're ugly or not isn't really relevant to how uncool of a thing to say that was. Idk if you really want to toss an entire friendship over that comment but what you should take away from this conversation is that your friend cares way too much about what other people think. It's also super shallow to consider whether or not someone is nude “enough” for you. This shouldn't have been an issue, and she sounds super insecure. So insecure that she thought it would be appropriate to insult you because what other people think is soOoooOoo important to her.

    On a separate note you sound secure in your looks. Don't let this thoughtless comment knock you down a peg. Her friends clearly have very bad taste and judgment if they think it's cool to discourage their friend from going after someone they like.

  11. This man has an eating disorder. This isn't just a tact issue. Seriously. And this doesn't need to be your problem.

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  13. That’s a really tough situation. There’s no easy answer to this question. If she has a therapist, reaching out to that person is an option. That would be step 1. Step 2 would be reminding her of her goodness and what she deserves, and to give her a lot of love in hopes that she recognizes the stark difference between how she’s treated by the felon vs. her family. Absolutely stay away from threats or guilt as that will result in even more shame and force her further into the toxic relationship. Step 3 would be trying to figure out who his P.O. is and see if they can help.

    It sounds like she has attachment trauma from childhood. Google attachment theory and attachment styles. She was probably feeling neglected by her husband and that was likely really destabilizing and made her feel like the ground was shifting underneath her feet. Then the toxic ex pops into the scene and she paradoxically feels safer with him, probably because she doesn’t feel like she can be hurt by him

  14. You should never feel guilty for leaving abuse. Tell her it is over and stop talking to her. Be with friends or family if you feel unsafe

  15. Right? I would absolutely not want to sit and chat specifics about my period. With anyone, let alone my partners sister who I had just met. The only one who ever hears details is my husband, and that's only if he asks.

  16. This. It's a harsh reality but if you're planning on becoming a single mom at a young age – well, time to grow up. Figure out how you're going to support your baby, pay for all the medical stuff, pay rent, etc.

    Or, think about other options.

  17. You're going to punish him for attempting to be a father and not paying your tuition ?

    I think you already had your mind made up before you started following him around that he needed to be punished for something.

  18. Would she consider changing jobs/schedule? I think that’s a large part of the problem, when your circadian rhythms are out of sync it easily affects your mental health and libido.

  19. OP are you have if annual exams with your doctor? Breast exams Pap smears? Have you. Prices odors on yourself? Go see a doc or a free clinic. Your Ph could be off or you could have a yeast infection. All of this is common but needs to be checked out by a doctor. Don’t guess you will feel better when you go

  20. Congratulations, you just avoided a common mistake. Healthy polyamory is multiple relationships, not one big relationship and trying to add people to a relationship usually goes poorly.

  21. Pepper spray may not be a great idea. If you spray it, the spray will linger in the air and if you cant get away quickly, you'll pretty much pepper spray yourself.

  22. Like others have posted here, I highly encourage you to share your relationship issues and what you are unsatisfied with in your current life / past decisions. This will be much healthier for you than talking about your escapist obsession.

    Harry Styles may have some appeal because he can get away with living his life as a man differently than just about all other men. This is extremely rare and he's literally swimming in circles that both a) highly enable this; and b) are pretty much the top of the top social food chain. If you were to date him, what would you contribute to his life? Are you a billionaire heiress with connections into the top of society? A highly talented actress or singer? I'm going to doubt it (but would be keen to hear what you think you would bring to such a relationship). Furthermore, if he were to date downwards it could literally make it much more difficult for him to be and express “who he is” (which should be a red flag enough for the obsessions some women have with him, but I digress)…

  23. being alone and having some self respect is miles better than staying in a marriage with someone who clearly doesn’t love or respect you just bc you’re too scared to be alone

  24. It's not too late to be the adult with common sense in your own life. Have you ever thought that your lack of any support system besides him is by his design? Don't give it two years. Start building your new life now. Get out of this toxic marriage, make friends, go out there, and find someone who matches your libido!

  25. Info: in your culture is it normal for 22 year olds to be getting married? Are all your friends married?

  26. You're strong. You'll be okay. Just feel whatever comes. Cry, but don't get stuck there. You will get through this. If someone walks out of your life, let them go. You are better off without him, and you will see it in time.

  27. They brought it up especially the mortgage thing. So either they said things they wanted me to say or they actually had these goals

  28. This is Bob being a manipulator again. Once a manipulator, always one. He is likely trying to make it so you don't attend. Ignore him and it's better off without him.

  29. I would say that if you were further in but it’s just been 2 months and you’re feeling insecure and disrespected over his IG feed and even went to thinking “I wanna give him a taste of his own medicine” that thinking in an of itself is mad toxic. Not only that but he dismissed you when you went to communicate about it. So it’s my opinion you two probably aren’t that compatible and should break it off sooner than later. Do you really want another 2 months of attempting to fix this?

  30. Some guys can be cautious about touching and other physical forms of affection until they know the trust is there on their partner's side, Maybe the distance is simply him showing respect and not being overly invasive at the beginning? Include this in your talk with him.

  31. OP, I am so sorry you're going through this. I think you know this man is abusive. Please, please get whatever help you can and leave.

  32. Because I'd want to know if my future wifes face and body were plastered all over the internet for eternity getting railed by dudes. It's also difficult on children in the future if anyone was to find that out. Personally, it'd be information that would make me nope the fuck out of the relationship.

  33. Aw hon, I’m sorry this happened, it sucks and it’s like a little heart break all over again. Everyone is different but I can tell you personally: I was with my SO for about 6 years, we went through separate things and both of our mental health suffered, I finally got through mine but realized he hadn’t. I had supported him through everything but realized the stress of his own expectations of what it meant to be in a relationship was becoming detrimental to him. We had a conversation and decided that we would basically break up. He moved out, stayed with his parents, got therapy, got to rediscover himself as an individual and work through the issues he was having, and after he got in a better place we got back together (after many conversations and open dialogue)

    It takes work but it can happen, and it’s a really good thing that he recognizes he’s not “there” yet to be in a relationship. For now, just be his friend if it’s not too painful for you. Be there for him and support him as a friend with no expectation that there will be a relationship, and if one happens that’s wonderful! If not at the end of the day you still have your best friend you love and trust.

    I would say though if you can’t handle going through that, it’s ok for you to be a bit selfish too and take space away from this friendship if you need. As long as he’s bettering himself and putting in the work to get better try to focus on that being the only outcome you want for BOTH of you, and then who knows!

    I know it’s not the answer you were hoping for but that really is the healthiest approach for both of you.

  34. I don't think anything is being left out. This is a pretty good summation of things. I have no clue what led to this change. I texted him I was pregnant and he left me on read for a while till I called him in panic. He didn't sound happy, didn't celebrate or anything. Pregnancy period was when things started changing

    I have been urging him to quit the job and look for something with better hrs. He's been actively looking as well. But haven't found one. Me quitting job is out of the question completely. I'm in a government job that comes with the state pension which we really will need as we have no idea how tye business would turn out in the long run.

    My problem is his complete unappreciting of all my efforts, and the jabs here and there. I'm sick of them

  35. I refuse to read your entire post because with the title I have enough. Go run to the store and buy a bag of dignity because you need it

  36. It isn't a yikes that they live together or share chores. It's a yikes because mom doesn't give the son any privacy to date, and he doesn't ask for it. Mom should never be breathing down her son's date's neck about driving at night.

  37. I'm not religious and don't like spouting “God” stuff, but I do try to put it all in perspective when I have no idea what's happening. Tell him to start talking to someone or bounce. This isn't going to get better for you.

  38. You don't like my tone – go and vent to your friends about it. Your namecalling is shit, though, you can vent about it as well, basement-dweller.

    I am not implying, I am openly stating that me and my husband chose our style of communication way before we even decided to get serious.

    I am not in a romantic relationships with anyone other than my husband and none of my friends know my husband as well as I do. So, surprisingly (/s), their theoretical advice on my relationship can be cut in half and then cut more.

    Their “wisdom” in their relationship is not universal and is not applicable to each and every relationship.

    And no, there has never been any situation where I needed to vent or ask for any outside advice.

    It's called discussing all the main points prior to getting serious relationship-wise, choosing a partner who suits you and who you respect, and healthy communication.

    So, yeah, to begin with, we don't have that many arguments (we have no serious ones, only huff and puff about petty stuff like what movie to watch). And then, should a serious issue arise, we sit down and… talk about it.

    If you are unable to have that, I don't care, not everyone is like you.

  39. He had to take a 2 week break because of his homophobic father and said “we can still be great friends” afterwards. We began talking again, and I assumed we were in a relationship considering the constant texting, all the exchanged photos and romantic talk over the last few days. He always said “I want to ask you out when we meet”.

  40. Nah. Everyone’s an individual. I mean it is unusual and I would be curious as to why, but unless the reason for it was a red flag itself, 20 years of no relationship at all is very different from 20 years of dramatic divorces or whatever.

  41. Same with me.. there no excuse to stay with someone.. its nude but I'd rather not stay with someone like him and shoe my children how to actually act like a man.. and if you have a daughter, what would you do of it was her.. kick him out

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