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Date: September 27, 2022

4 thoughts on “Kattiebonnet live! sex cams for YOU!

  1. Jacob acting “completely normal” because the situation hasn’t hit his wallet yet. Wait until he’s paying Alimony to Gwen (yes, she needs to get this) and Child Support for his kids with Gwen AND then has to pay for a brand new kid, with a woman who has absolutely no way to contribute to this new situation.

    You will have a ringside seat to watch him struggle with a newborn, having -0- support from anyone else, while also dealing with Ellie, who is totally clueless about what’s to come, who also has no skills and will now be totally dependent on Jacob for everything. He will become stressed out, resentful and hopefully, broke.

    You feelings of being hurt are totally valid. When I’m in a bad place, helping someone else ends up helping me too. Perhaps being Gwen & the kid’s strength would help you.

    Maybe you can help with some of the practical stuff like collecting bank records for as many months as possible (if Jacob spent marital assets on Ellie, it may be deducted from his portion of any financial split), Tax returns for as many years as possible, 401k/IRA info, any Stock info, any Pension info (yes, that’s included), passports & birth certificates.

    Maybe doing this, being productive for Gwen, will help you get better too.

  2. I'm kinky and the amount of people that assume choking is some kind of vanilla adjacent “normal sex” thing they can do without previous discussion drives me crazy. Choking is strangulation, there is no way to do it safely, it is always risky edge play. There is always risk of death and brain damage.

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