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Date: September 21, 2022

3 thoughts on “kattiebonnet

  1. I think your taking this as him not loving her because of attraction. It’s not really what op has mentioned here. Without knowing specific is it’s hard to categorise op’s husband as abusive. If we take it as op having serious weight issues , not just superficial ones, then this isn’t a person who’s struggled with their weight for a long time I feel like we are very quick to make judgments in these situations based on our insecurities .

    Weight is not just appearance, it affects your health and your lifestyle. You can love someone but not want to support them hurting themselves. Op’s admitted to disordered eating, her husband has been supportive in the past, and he also is aware that she personally is not happy with her weight and the issues around it.

    It can be very draining for your partner to be in a constant negative space about their appearance, especially when it actively affects their health and your future together. You basically become the person who has to validate their feelings while constantly trying to improve their confidence . Every event, can become a struggle, constant outfit chi angles before leaving the house, whole evenings ruined because all they can focus on is how they look in the outfit they were least upset with. Every shopping trip/clothes delivery ending in a negative spiral. People don’t want to on-line like that.

  2. Youre not an unreasonable asshole like the family so as usual everyone puts it on you to be the bigger person. Because husband knows they never will be its down to you to deal with it so he can ignore it.

    Fuck that. Tell em they win, they can have him back.

  3. You heard it here first lads, visiting your sick mother and spending as much time with her while you can = mommas boy

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