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Model from:

Languages: zh

Birth Date: 1997-01-20

Body Type: bodyTypeCurvy

Ethnicity: ethnicityAsian

Hair color: hairColorBlack

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Subculture: subcultureRomantic

Date: September 18, 2022

24 thoughts on “Kaylee—live sex stripping with hd cam

  1. Leave him! Move on you deserve better it’s not even about what he is doing now it’s about what your willing to tolerate. Why feel like second best when you deserve someone that loves you and ONLY you. He just doesn’t want to be alone. Leave him

  2. My suggestion is get your Testosterone level checked by a doctor. You could have some weird hormonal imbalance going on because of an underlying health issue. If that turns out normal, than you just not be with the right woman for you. I had a horrible car wreck many years ago and was put on methadone for 2 years of pain therapy before surgery. As a result, my pituitary gland stopped producing testosterone and I began having ED issues. After going thru all of the available solutions, I wound up having to inject 1 ml every seven days for the rest of my life. It made a huge difference for me, and gave me back my confidence. I wouldn't have known that my pituitary gland stopped producing testosterone if I had never consulted with the doctor and been diagnosed.

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  4. No… don’t take his reaction at face value here. There’s something else going on that either he’s not sharing with you or you’re not sharing here.

    His reaction isn’t normal. He doesn’t want his fiancé to live with him? Your relationship is dead unless he can open up.

  5. Because of his trauma he finds it difficult to 'give head/go down ' on me

    Has he brought your needs up with his therapist? Is his therapist open to discussing issues of this nature?

  6. I can’t imagine either making my man plunge my shits or having to plunge his. Adults clean up after themselves. He has occasionally stepped in and cleaned up for me if I’m really sick, but it wasn’t an expectation like OP’s gf seems to have, he did so voluntarily.

  7. Could be. She did say she wanted to be supportive. But if I never said I want to do anything in real life, what exactly are you supporting? You're already being supportive by not rejecting me or belittling me for sharing that side of myself. If it would have stopped at that it would have been wonderful. Some fantasy is okay for me too. But yes, we need to talk about this. And you might be right, maybe that's why she's not bothered by the idea… this is a whole other can of worms. As a monogamous person I would not be drooling over my long term girlfriend making out with another woman exactly because I assume that this is real intimacy and no different than if she were kissing another man. Didn't think about this in this way before tbh.

  8. Crating is an essential part of training. Sometimes crating is needed if you're away from home and your dog might get into stuff they shouldn't.

    But if you're home and supervising, dog should be free.

    Bf is a dick suggesting your dog needs to be crated unless outside.

  9. Your English is great no concern there. But it sounds like your chasing ghosts with this guy. It doesn’t sound like you your connection is all that healthy, for either of you. I know that a deep connection with another human is a special and amazing thing… but it isn’t exclusive, no matter what people who believe in ‘soul mates’ think. You can find a connection like that with a different person who gets your needs and feelings to a better degree. Relationships are supposed to make you happier, more full of life and good about yourself… it doesn’t sound like in at least it’s current form, this is happening for either of you. Your in college, have fun and move on to the next chapter. Good luck OP!

  10. Yes this is moving too fast and you will both lose yourselves in this relationship. Which will cause problems down the road.

    Make sure you allow time to yourself, for healing and self-discovery.

    Try having 3-4 days no contact, with a plan to meet up after that time and discuss how you feel after some time alone to process.

    I know it feels good now but it’s just not sustainable. If you want this to be a healthy, long term relationship, slow down.

  11. Imagine a dude repeatedly trying to hug you after you’ve expressed clear verbal non-consent.

    You tell him “seriously! Stop! It’s making me uncomfortable!”

    He tries to hug you again.

    You can feel desperation getting higher as he repeatedly violates your bodily autonomy and treats you like you have no right to refuse him the entire time.

    You keep repeatedly asking, begging, demanding that they stop, but he keeps trying to get ahold of you no matter how you dodge or run or ask him to stop

    Do you still think it’s “just a hug”? Or are you still having trouble with the concepts of bodily autonomy and consent?

    The dude is still full of red flags (mostly for throwing stuff and the gaslighting after) but eventually escalating to physical reactions when your body is violated against your will is entirely reasonable.

  12. The watch had normal steps and daily activity on it. Sounds like she either detoured at coworkers house before work and forgot it there all day or her coworker took her phone home. Pretty weird though..

  13. come on, be a man!

    you wanted to show her that she couldn't stop you from seeing your kid! Don't let HER manipulate YOU into staying then.

    I know my thinking about ending our relationship won’t get me any closer to seeing my daughter, but it’s the principle of her saying no, for me. I’ve asked to be put on the insurance, have offered to pay half, but she says no.

    Thought it was the PRINCIPAL of it all?

    What about your Principal dude???

  14. Firstly, thank you for your response and honesty!

    Second, I have definitely considered that this could blow up in my face since this is completely uncharted territory. I just wanted to ask for outside perspectives since most of my friends are his friends too.

  15. she sounds exhausting and only cares about material items. What do you get out of the relationship? My husband makes a lot of money and not once have I ever demanded a $4,000 bag! I don’t expect him to buy expensive shit for me. Tbh if I want something I buy it with my own money. I would rather my husband show his affection for me in other ways and not though gifts. She sounds vain and shallow and not to mention immature.

  16. His family should know. My mom jokes about how I've always hated the sound of babies crying.

    Doesn't matter if the issue is legitimate or longstanding, I wouldn't want to have to coddle someone like that. My sensory issues are mine to deal with, and being that they're life long, I've learned some methods to deal

  17. I think some people are so delusional that they truly believe that when in a relationship, the other person ceases to have eyeballs, a brain, and attraction.

    It’s baffling.

    Honestly, if my partner told me he never looked at other women or thought other women were attractive, I’d be worried about his vision and mental health or know he’s lying.

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