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Kelly, 99 y.o.


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Kelly live sex chat

Date: September 18, 2022

6 thoughts on “Kelly the hot live sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. Wow. I mean that's totally horrible what she did to you but it sounds like you're adopted son for lack of a better term has a really healthy mindset about it. His mother was hooking up with somebody else while she was with you, got pregnant from having sex with this man, lied to you about it, and then roped you into a being a father for all these years under false pretenses. You have plenty of reasons to be pissed and so does he. I'm just really impressed that your son has such a reasonable mindset about it and that you do as well. Goes to show you must have been a good dad

  2. I read this far:

    “He has recently been tracking my location and driving to places I said I would be to make sure I'm actually there….”

    And I said yep this is an abusive wife beater.

  3. A lot of cheating stories start like this. There maybe more to this than you’ve been told. However if she’s not in love with you anymore it wants to date others during the separation then just get the D

  4. Tell her you have moved on to a new part of your life and she's not in it anymore, ask her to respect your wishes because it's getting really annoying having to revisit memories of her.

    She may still have feelings for you but not the right feelings. She's being selfish.

  5. Yup me too…turns out I broke up with him cuz it only got worse. Your not a priority He’s not that into you

  6. If you have to tip toe around conversations and the only thing you ever talk about is what she wants to talk about then your communication is NOT OKAY.

    Your values and expectations for the future are not compatible. If you continue in this relationship, you will end up in debt trying to support children you never planned and a wife unable to care for them due to her disabilities who expects you shoulder the entire financial and caregiving burden while also demanding you agree with her on everything or else she melts down. If that is not the future you want, you need to break up with her. At the very least you need to make sure she isn’t currently pregnant and stop having sex with her.

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