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Date: September 26, 2022

46 thoughts on “Kennasavage live! webcams for YOU!

  1. See, but I would never be in a situation where I had a friend I just happened to sleep with a few times, I also don't do one night stands. We obviously have different views on sex.

  2. Total lack of respect on his part. Do you really want to get back with a guy that would do this type of stunt while you are trying to cope with your health issues? He is either trying to make you jealous so you will get back with him sooner,or is just not a caring human being with intention of toying with your mind.

    Either way, you need to get rid of him immediately. Like 5 minutes ago. He is pretty cruel to do this knowing you are having mental health issues. Go completely NC as he is going to be toxic judging from what he showed you. Your mental health will not recover if he is constantly needling at you.

  3. I think it kinda depends. To make it a bit better to understand you might wanna give an “I earn approximately ….+money for …+hours and he makes ….+money for …+hours” example so we have a bit more clear picture. I am Dutch so I don't know if the following numbers are realistic where you online, but I will give an example here.

    If you make €1500 per month for 40 hours a week and he makes €2500 per month for 32 hours a week, then I think he shouldn't complain because for Dutch standards he just earns a lot compared to the hours worked. For Dutch standards you might be a bit below average but not too low.

    But if you work way more for way less, he might have a point. In the Netherlands we have a minimum salary that every employer has to pay. But if it was allowed to pay €500pm for 40hours pw of work, then yes your bf has a point because, even though you like to do it, you kinda are spending your time on something that doesn't earn something useful. Idk it's kinda difficult to judge without the full picture. But nevertheless you two should be able to talk about it and figure out a way to make it work for the both of you. And housework should be divided fairly, you are his gf not his mother so you don't have to clean up after him. Each of you should take the responsibility to take a few tasks so it's done. Doesn't matter if it's laundry, dishes, cooking, taking out trash, or cleaning the toilet. All of it needs to be done and someone has to do it.

  4. Nobody said it was ok. Just that trying to understand it using his frame of logic was futile because she is not operating in a rational world right now. You can understand it without condoning it.

  5. I don’t see anything wrong with a man taking a piss outside on his own private property, but this may not be too healthy for the dog. Like what happens when dog needs to go out when bf isn’t home or away? And what if bf doesn’t have to go when dog does? So many questions lol. But yeah it might be good if he finds a way to train the dog to go without him also

  6. Oh I mean it’s really easy. When he gets nude it might roll down already, it might not, it depends on his dick size and the skin. If it doesn’t roll back on it own, you can literally roll it back with two fingers. The skin isn’t incredibly tight, so don’t drag and tug it down. Just glide your hand on it and it’ll sorta roll down

  7. You can get genital Herpes even when using a condom.

    It’s not something they typically test you for – maybe because it’s so common?

    Still, your bf might not appreciate you giving it to him because of your infidelity.

    Don’t get offended when people call you out on your dangerous behaviour. You are playing with someone’s health.

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  9. Then you should stop whining and start getting used to it, because he will never stop. I‘m sure, if the relationship is perfect otherwise, the insanity of this will not weigh on you too much.

  10. I don't know who told you you're too old to find someone new, but fuck them. That is one of the most ridiculous things I've heard. I married the love of my life this year (second marriage), and I'm in my late 30s and she's early 40s. You can always, always, always find someone that can be your perfect match. You just have to be willing to go for it.

    You both sound like decent people, but with terribly different interests. It's one of those relationships that you can make work, but in my opinion life is too short to settle for “good enough”.

    Each of you deserve someone that will love, cherish, and respect the other person and their hobbies. You don't have to perfectly align on the things you like to do, but man, at least have a few things in common!

    Once you start harboring resentment, the relationship is likely about over. It's nude to come back from something like that, and it leads to being disrespectful towards your partner. Even not wanting to engage with them physically (my first marriage).

    Trust your gut and find a way to move on. It sucks to be alone, but it's far worse to be stuck in a relationship on life support. The love of your dreams truly is out there. Find it.

  11. That's exactly that. It's like an addiction: It takes time and efforts to get out of it, and get back to it only makes it harder to stop

  12. Stop caring.

    Tell him, “you can keep them, but whatever you do to mine, I am going to take as your consent for me to do the same with yours.” Then send him one of his dick pics with his face or identifying body marks.

  13. He would have found someone else somewhere else. New assistant at work, some girl at the gym, whatever. For all you know this isn’t the first time he’s cheated or tried to. This is just the first time he’s been caught and there’s some real consequences.

    Has your sister said she holds you responsible at all?

  14. I’m not sure what advice you want. You’ve told your boyfriend not to let the cat out and why and he disregards your wishes.

    He simply doesn’t care what you think on this topic.

    So if you’re found to stick around, get the cat chipped if not already and put on a breakaway collar with a tag and phone number.

    I personally would ditch the boyfriend for this. But I don’t get the impression that you intend to go that far. So at least make it easier on the local neighbors and rescuers so that when they find your cat alive or dead, they don’t have to spend so much time identifying the owner.

    Cats do not belong outdoors. They get injured by other animals—including some asshole humans, they pick up illness, they get hit by cars, and they kill off native song birds. They also get picked up or trapped by either annoyed neighbors or caring ones and dropped at shelters that usually are full and tell people to just go release them again.

    If he wants the cat to have outdoor time, he could walk her on a harness or build a catio.

  15. What would you think as ideal of him in that regard? What behaviour do you wish for? Because as it seems, you see this as a good thing too. 🙂

    So if you don't want him to change that behaviour, the only thing you can change is your perspective and your feelings towards this.

  16. Getting Chlamydia outside of sexual contact is extremely rare and therefore I think it's perfectly reasonable that OP is skeptical about SO's claims she did not cheat and never had sexual contact before OP. Would be pretty irrational to not at least doubt her claims without a very good explanation how she contacted it.

    Best case scenario, that is also somewhat likely, is that their has been miscommunication about what “first sexual partner” means and therefore wasn't lying just confused about the meaning of it.

  17. It can happen sometimes but not all the time. Could be a mental thing but homeboy should check it out with a dr.

  18. He doesn't respect your personal autonomy. Nor do I think he has any self respect if he is willing to literally beg for it. If he is pestering you three times a day and you are giving in each time then I don't blame you for being exhausted. Unfortunately I don't think simply putting your foot down and refusing him is going to be a solution if you want to make the relationship work. If begging doesn't work, he will try something else until you give in. Negotiations, trading for something, guilt trips, etc.

    My advice would be to set a boundary and a schedule since his body seems to operate like that.

    “I enjoy sex with you but doing it three times a day takes the fun out of it for me and I feel its important that I also enjoy it. Maybe we can cut back to four mornings every week.”

    This will give you some breathing room while giving him something to look forward to.

  19. Tell him he has to set boundaries with his mom now and stick to him, or he’s going to lose you. You also need to warn him that this will forever repeat in all future relationships he’s in, this is not a just you thing. His mom is evil and she is going to ruin his life, and he needs to man the fuck up NOW, before its too late.

  20. Ok, so he hides you, he cheats on you, he ghosts you, leaves you hanging, is cruel to you, stands you up, does nothing nice for you etc…

    Why are you trying to keep this one sided relationship alive?

    Like there's plenty of better fish in the sea, one's that'll match your effort.

  21. Honestly… It baffles me that most guys really think that their dick will affect it when a CHILD can pass through the channel….

  22. Stop doing his share of chores and go have fun with your friends. When he asks what's going on just explain that you'd rather do things with him and you'd already talked to him about it all. Whenever he's ready to have a discussion then you're down, but until then, you do you.

  23. Wow your gf kind of sucks. I wonder if she is hoping to baby trap you. Well if she won't engage, you could make the appointment for the snip snip for you and use condoms (and make sure she doesn't have access to them!).

  24. Yes, she wanted to romance a little with a woman from what I could tell. We were watching a TV show with a lesbian couple and she was in awe.

  25. If they are past the point of reasonably being able to give consent, then yes it is assault.

    This is something that has a lot of precedent in court cases. It’s a common tactic in college scenes to give women a bunch of alcohol so that they aren’t with it enough to say yes or no.

  26. Meaning: eff him.

    But no sex.

    That clearer? People in that yesterday shape of mind may be able to get the wife pregnant to destroy her unwanted carreer and tie her down to house and kids again.

    As it once worked.

  27. Meaning: eff him.

    But no sex.

    That clearer? People in that yesterday shape of mind may be able to get the wife pregnant to destroy her unwanted carreer and tie her down to house and kids again.

    As it once worked.

  28. she’s my girlfriend, yes, but one day i want her to be my wife, and she wants that too. if those are our wishes, why shouldn’t we act is if we were husband and wife, just because it hasn’t been made into a legal contract yet? this is the kind of thing i just cannot understand

  29. It’s real and it hurts. My heart literally hurts like it’s being squeezed and I can’t stop thinking about my future without her. Shes literally the only person I actually care about and I’ve felted connected to.

  30. I’m honestly not sure. I find it nude to concentrate in other settings as well even when having a normal conversation with him or anyone else. But it amplifies during arguments especially and I let emotions take control of me

  31. Dude…why on earth would a co-worker confide in YOUR wife that their wife is cheating? Work is work and personal time personal time. She obviously is either ignorant to understand she should not be seeing this man on a personal level or she is bent on cheating with this guy. I think you need to CALMLY lay it out for her. Now, that said, with no intimacy for 6 months what do you expect her to start gravitating towards? You don’t take care of her and treat her well…,

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