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Date: September 23, 2022

3 thoughts on “kikievega

  1. I obviously can't know your position 100% and I am sorry if you feel like I was insulting you, I am just old enough to have seen friends and loved ones in similar situations many times and often they just have a hot time really coming to terms with the fact they are being used. You seem to really understand the things he is saying to you are not okay, I can't really give you advice on how to escape him if your day to day means you have to constantly see each other, all I can say is it's just not okay and if you were my sibling or something I'd probably confront him over it.

  2. Ngl she seems annoying to deal with. This isn't proper understanding behaviour tbh, she doesn't care about you by the looks of this.

  3. Oh no. I commented saying I bet she was still with him and wanted someone to blame, and that he said things like “OP never made me do this” and that the family couldn’t convince her to leave so we’re blaming you instead. It’s sad to be correct, it’s also sad because there’s nothing you can do. They’ve decided to scapegoat you through no actions of your own.

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