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4 thoughts on “kisimotokey

  1. Thank you so much! We just broke up last month and then three weeks later, I found out that he started to have feelings for her.

  2. This has to be India, based on the replies. As an Indian myself, I'm sickened that parents still use the lives of their children like bargaining chips for their own selfish gain. The cycle will continue unless you break it, OP. It's definitely a lot, but if you got married and left for the USA, you could get divorced here instead. You'd be playing the long con, though.

    What's more important to you? Freedom? Or stability? Marrying her will bring stability, but she is unattractive, lazy, and will be miserable to be around. Refusing and risking your education will bring you the freedom to live! life on your own terms albeit not the way you wanted.

    If you're an only child, you have more power than you realise. Your father won't want to lose his little investment – he sees you as an investment, not a human being. Nobody wants to see zero return on it. Play this to your advantage if you can.

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