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Date: September 27, 2022

18 thoughts on “Lea Thompson live! webcams for YOU!

  1. Same I had a coworker with the same situation was married had 3 kids with his wife one day she told him she was into women they divorced pretty quietly I didn't find out until a year later as I had a different job at that point. I think he's doing alright as he doesn't pay a mortgage and the kids usually are with him.

  2. Depends, is it just for fun or do you want something more serious?

    There are women who prefer an older man and older women would prefer someone younger for some fun.

  3. You just tell him I understand you're trying to be supportive, but please don't take actions for my safety unless I ask you to take those actions. At this point, there are no signs he's doing anything more than making calls to annoy me. Any actions taken that go past this actually cause more issues.

    Thank him for the thoughts and care, but it's not needed.

  4. Its not all entirely his fault. If it was a long term relationship you would hope you can trust your partner enough not to fuck you over like that.

  5. I'd ask your mother if she wants a relationship with her grandchild. If she does, she needs to shut the fuck up and sit down. This isn't her place and she can't come crawling back after the baby is born.

    If she doesn't, then I'm sorry. That's very hot. But no contact would be the best for both of you. If she'd toss you away over a cruel man like this then honestly she likely was never a good mom or person.

  6. You're currently in love with a guy who's in a relationship (you think) and you've told this other guy that once you MEET YOUR CRUSH, you'll never speak to him again? So basically, you think you're in love with a man who you've never met and have set your standards to favor this lil fantasy crush of yours. In the meantime, you're entertaining the other guy's interest in you because you like the attention AND you feel entitled to his wallet? Honey, I promise you don't have enough to offer a man for the kind of “financial satisfaction” you're expecting lol. Why would a man want to take care of bitch who doesn't take care of him? Cut the poor guy loose and focus more on your weird crush.

  7. Yeah, I think posting this has really opened my eyes because she has alot of red flags I ignored.

  8. There are three possibilities here.

    1, he's already married.

    2, he's gay, and you're his beard.

    3, there's a co-worker he’s interested in and wants them to believe he's not tied down.

  9. OP is in denial….she is trying so very hot to get 1 commenter to advise her that things can work out.

  10. Please read Why Does He Do That by Lundy Bancroft – there are free PDFs live!. I think the more you understand just how manipulative your boyfriend is being, the easier it will be for you to resist his tactics.

  11. It’s better to be alone by yourself than lonely around others.

    Your boyfriend is not joking. He’s abusing you and just making light of it to soften the blow until the next time.

    It’s going to be very hot at first, for sure. But find the things you love to do…pick up some hobbies and go enjoy your life without being constantly degraded and abused by this man child.

  12. What am I missing here??

    Why are you calling her.. he doesn't care clearly.. he knows you know.

    So divorce him and take him to the cleaners.

    Holding on thinking this will work is just embarrassing

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