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  1. They had a deep conversation about their relationship, he made it clear that her feelings are inapproriate even if she doesn't have control over them. He set some boundaries and she made the choice to stay with him because she thinks he's the better option for her life. She feels “stuck” because she still has some feelings for you. The best way to letting those feelings dissapate is to go low contact with you (soft ghost) or she's just respecting her fiance's boundaries.

    If you're in love with her and you're serious about wanting to pursue a relationship with her then now is your chance to tell her how you feel. Its a life altering decision so choose wisely. Its fucked up for the fiance/close friend. Take into consideration of your character and where your moral lie but ultimately do whats best for you. If she says she still loyal to her fiance, you have to cut them off because you.

    If you don't have any feelings and are just worried about your friendship, it sucks, but you have to respect their boundaries. If she distance herself completely then you have to respect it and move on.

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