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  1. what was it that you did yesterday? could it be interpreted as the activity to celebrate your anniversary or not?

    and what is his reason for not meeting today or tomorrow? not that he absolutely needs if he's legit busy, but in general, people want to see their gf on the days off (weekend) if possible.

  2. So what you said above, I was going to say your family are assholes. But after providing more information about Charlie in the comments, he is a major asshole and your family are 100% correct. It's no wonder they don't like him. Seriously, leave and repair the relationship with your family.

  3. Yes.

    To be fair, I don't think it's impossible that porn can cause problems for guys in the getting hot department. If you have a crippling addiction, then I don't doubt it could cause ED for you. Maybe you just rewire your brain somehow.

    But overall, I think it's more rare than people let on. Even if guys say “yes porn caused my ED” I'm still skeptical. But, who knows.. I could be wrong. Just my opinion on the matter.

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  5. I appreciate the gesture but at the same time I couldn’t fathom forgetting hot photos of someone on your phone that you had dated for so many years.

    I think this is the root of the issue. It seems like the rest branches from this not being resolved. So first I want to address that I understand why this is unfathomable to some people, but it is absolutely a thing that happens to others.

    Some people regularly use their photo albums or look through them or look at histories, but lots of us don't. Lots of us don't bother to go back and dig through the past to remove anything to do with our exes. We move on and just forget about it.

    To me a lot of this seems to be an issue with him either not understanding how much these events have effected you or not caring, unfortunately there's not enough context to know which. His behavior, as you describe it, matches with someone who just doesn't think these things are a big deal. It ALSO would match with someone being sketchy.

    You say you know he's not doing it on purpose but also that you don't really trust him. So, why don't you trust him? Do you think he was lying?

  6. He wants a relationship that is only sex, with basically no other social component. Call it friends with benefits, call it fuck buddies, call it casual sex, call it what you want.

    You, the other hand, seem to want more of a friendship and/or relationship. You at least want to hang out together in a non-sexual context, which he apparently does not.

    If the two of you have a reconcilable differences on what the relationship should look like, you should end the relationship. It's that simple. It doesn't matter what you call it or what is normal or what other people do in these circumstances. If you don't like the way you're being treated or the interactions you have with this person, stop interacting with him.

  7. She has no reason to go to these parties alone (sounds like sex parties?) UNLESS she was going to cross the line, dude.

  8. First of all. FWB doesn't mean one person makes all the rules. If you're not comfortable with her actions set some boundaries. And because you like her you either need to sit down and talk to her and not let her drive the conversation an be her rules, but the two of you talk, or you need to end it because it's going to get messy.

    Also, you shouldn't be in a FWB if you actually want to be on a relationship with her. And she shouldn't be in one of she can't stick to her own rules. Why can't people ever stick to the rules or just be honest?

  9. Was thinking he just doesn’t have the “guys’ guy” personality or presentation. Could also be ND or a highly sensitive person. Nothing wrong with any of those! I kinda relate bc this could describe me but from the women’s side. Not in a humble brag way but that I look like I should fit in with the majority of straight women and I 10,000% don’t and have always struggled a bit with friendships. I’ve always been a few-close-friends type of person and most of my friends are queer or ND. I’m reading the HSP now myself and I really relate to that a lot and it talks about how we can have difficulties with friendships so that’s why I thought of it.

  10. oh you worked so hot especially with med school. you absolutely deserve to go to your graduation. you deserve to celebrate yourself and your accomplishments. let people be mad at you. congratulations!

  11. OP – go alone and have an amazing time!! I've been on holidays with friends and family and it has been impossible to please everybody. Now that I'm in my 30s, i do a lot more stuff on my own because that whole effort of trying to get other people to come, all the planning that's usually left to me anyway – when I do it alone, it's so much better. I go to concerts alone, movies, museums. I can leave when I want, I can eat what I want when I want.

    You will feel so much more at ease, you can review and experience everything as you want to experience it.

    Go and have an amazing time – it sounds idyllic!

  12. The other side is his comment is saying that he doesn't trust you and what you would do. If he truly loved you for you, then it would be a supportive and loving relationship that what you wear means that you get to be you.

    This isn't it. This is an insecure person trying to hide you away and saying that you should hide your body. Men hit on a women in overalls, in baggy clothes, it doesn't matter what you wear to some people.

    Instead learn how to talk to people, be assertive, be calm and make the situations you find yourself in your own. Then your power is your own and nothing you wear will have any impact on good and respectful people. He isn't good or respectful.

    It is worrying me that you said you depend heavily on him, that isn't a good idea going forward, now is the time to learn about you, how to manage by yourself and not rely on others, then you can learn how to trust people and what you need and what you can do for yourself.

  13. OMG. Your edit. I’m flabbergasted and sad. Are men seriously this crass? I’m a man. I would never dream of sending such a message.

  14. This is the perfect situation for your bf. He has a mommy to do his chores and a girlfriend he can have sex with; both ladies to give him love & attention. Why would he want to change any of that? He doesn't want to change it. If he did, there would have been plans made or at least conversations about it.

    Go buy a house but do it for YOU. Take some time to on-line apart and frame it as “thinking about how serious we are, what our future should look like and developing skills to be independent.”. Hint maybe he should be considering this as well. And if he's refusing to change anything, you'll need to put thought into whether or not you're ok with his mother being part of the relationship

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