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  1. he thinks bare minimum is ok and then he says that's why he doesn't doesn't because he can never do anything right

    This is absolute and utter BS. He’s in the military. Learning new skills through task/conditions/standards is WHAT THEY DO. He’s figured out how to play video games better over time…and I bet that wasn’t trial and error. There were a few YouTube let’s play and tutorials he’s looked up to solve that one quest or figure out a particular map/puzzle/weapons system in-game.

    There’s an entire section of the internet dedicated to cleaning things. He can spend some time figuring it out. Or, choose door number two!

    Did he ever on-line in the barracks and execute room inspections? DO IT LIKE THAT. You don’t wanna learn how to civilian clean a home (putting toys away, tidying, organizing, decluttering, etc.) you can fall back on military cleaning and sanitize the bathrooms, deep clean kitchen appliances, and drive a broom. Do your own laundry. Put the dishes away. Fold household laundry. Supervise the kids learning to clean the bathroom, sweep a floor, mop a kitchen.

    Oh I am so fed up for you.

    Source: Army Veteran. And wife. Who has had the exact same conversation with my beloved, former enlisted, spouse.

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