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  1. I haven't read through the comments, so I apologize if you've already gotten this advice.

    Call the YWCA right now and ask about a crisis line and DV shelter. They have resources for women in your situation and can help if your idiot bf tries to take legal action. They can help you get away from him, get your own place, be independent, and even get a TRO if needed. Get counseling and start a paper trail of the abuse he's been putting you through.

    The cops aren't going to arrest you for stealing $40ish or however much it costs, so you might even consider calling the police yourself and reporting him for rape. Tell them the truth about what you did and why you did it. Include that he admitted to sabotaging the condom to get you pregnant because you want to leave him. If they ask what you want them to do, explain that all you want is a police report to be made so you can start a paper trail.

    Get away from this man as soon as you can. What he's doing is trying to shame you into staying by making you think there are consequences for what you did, but the truth is, they're minute compared to what you'll deal with if you stay.

  2. look, i agree that men going for much younger women are often creeps but can we please not call people pedophiles for going after a 24 year old?

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