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4 thoughts on “lisarubie

  1. One of my other coworkers pulled me aside and said my old crush is shows people videos of something

    You can go to HR and tell them about what's happening.

  2. Before he met you where was he living and how was he managing? I'm assuming when you met him he didn't smell in dirty clothes?

  3. One thing you need to learn is that you are not your partner’s therapist. It’s not your job to fix her. That’s way too much responsibility for you.

    It sounds like you two aren’t on the same page as far as needs, and that’s always going to cause stress. You deserve to have your needs met in a relationship, and feel safe, loved, and respected.

  4. What you see as her power, I see as your boyfriend trying to protect your feelings.

    Seriously?? The boyfriend who responded to this girl propositioning him with “yes, whenever you want” is interested in protecting her feelings?

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