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4 thoughts on “LittleFeralberrylive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. There is no “positive obsession”, you seem young and immature so this is not surprising that you don't know any better. You'll learn sooner or later that healthy amount of trust and respect for your privacy goes a long way even in relationships.

  2. Then stop. I know it will drive you crazy but ONLY clean up after yourself. Let him sit in his own filth and if he NEVER shows any motivation to not live like that? Just pack your shit and leave him in his own filth.

  3. Sorry this is long but I just wanna give you some friendly info in case you don’t know some of it.

    Did you go to the doctor and get diagnosed with a yeast infection? Because yeast infections are not STIs. They are common and you could have gotten it because the ph of your vagina was thrown off by having sex, or by not taking appropriate aftercare measures (like peeing right away), or by wearing undies that aren’t breathable after you sweated.

    If you didn’t go to the doctor, you should, in case is is an STI. Most are easily treated with antibiotics but untreated can cause bigger problems. It still pays to have safe sex to avoid infections and worse things.

    If it is indeed a yeast infection, a dr visit is still cool cause you can treat it with one simple pill rather than messy and uncomfortable monistat goop!

    For future reference another very common thing sexually active women get is BV where you smell funky down there and that is fairly normal and not an STI either.

    Whatever you’re doing, be safe and if you have non monogamous sex get tested regularly between partners! I am monogamous and still do sti screening every couple of years because it’s a good thing to normalize. Good luck!

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