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Date: September 24, 2022

29 thoughts on “Litzy1_live sex stripping with hd cam

  1. She needs therapy to get over her trauma. She needs it first before she starts or continues any relationship, including your relationship. I hate to say it, but you should probably direct her to therapy and start exiting the relationship. Nothing healthy will come of this until she gets better.

  2. We both work 4 days on, 4 days off, and our days off overlap by 2 days every 4 off. One of my days I more or less spend alseep in Oreo for my nightshift job to work the nights (my 4 day job is dayshift), and then I spend half of my 3rd day off alseep because I've been at my night job. As it stand right now I spend my only full day off trying to decompress a little, but I usually end up cleaning and food shopping instead.

  3. I’m just going to be honest here… from the small information you gave it seems like he’s trying to make you 100% reliant on him. Moving in 3 months after getting together? And you were 19? There’s so many red flags. Take this advice from me who was in a VERY similar situation, get out before it’s too late. Before your bf decides that no does mean yes, like my ex decided.

  4. It's okay to grieve the “what ifs” and stuff. You're grieving.

    There's also the physical withdrawals sometimes from the physical aspect of being with someone.

    I know it feels awful. Sorry you're going through this OP. You'll come out the other side eventually. Meanwhile do what you have to. It's ok. You'll be ok.

  5. I know but how does that make him a misogynist for not wanting to sleep with someone that has slept with a lot of people. It’s his preference. I hear women say the same thing, so does that make them misogynistic?

  6. This is not about a list, it's about years of abusive treatment by that horrible family. Your husband, by not defending you, is exactly like them. What do you gain by being with him, other than trauma and disrespect? You are very young, you can start over away from all this crap. Don't waste your life.

  7. I love how the internet has shown us how deep in hell men’s self esteem is. Two words from “the boys” will send them into a spiral of self doubt. The worst part is a lot of them dont have the maturity to sit and think on it before accusing their partners of having outrageous boundaries. The paternity test bros, the baby trap bros who planned their kids, the mamas boys who become indecisive when mom gives her input, show a lack of self esteem, poor boundaries and immaturity.

    He is 32, he is not a child. You should sit down and tell him that he can like what he likes, but just because he likes them doesn’t mean he is entitled to them if they require your participation or consent. If he doesn’t understand that they are a naked boundary and the fact that you’ve already done your best to compromise and find a middle ground then there’s the door ?.

    Don’t let him try to convince you that you are depriving him of some god given right while he is giving you the “honor” of being in a relationship with you. Tell him that you won’t further disadvantage him by keeping him from getting his beloved bjs, and cut him loose. He can find a more suitable partner.

  8. I think that's a good perspective and a good way to put it. I feel that I need to step back but not necessarily end it right now. I just probably should reorder my priorities and be more relaxed about it for the time being.

  9. You don’t set boundaries for other people. That’s not how it works. They ate something you set for yourself. Never let anyone tell you how to think, be, on-line. Don’t let a man dull your sparkle.

  10. It is worrying that you’ve already made Reddit posts about this guy but have yet to do anything.

  11. Ew why are you apologizing to a psycho. He needs bad mental help, punching a car is toxic. Next it'll be a person

  12. Lmao ya I journal a lot and a lot of the self hate is stemming from past trauma along with feeling like no one could ever love me and ik sam loves me but I need to also love myself. I know I need therapy and I’m working it, college can be a lot and I’m just waiting for summer to get here

  13. Oh heavens I hope Boyfriend isn't shrugging off OP if they're trying to pack their own stuff for the two of them!

    At that point I'd just refuse to go lol

  14. It's not about him not liking her.

    Although… namecalling… maybe you are right.

    It's that there are people who actually form a picture about one doing what one said. Which doesn't allow for any variances.

    Met that once.

    'But you SAID you were going to xyz and now you…'

    'Well… I changed my mind. Why is that any of your business? Or even worth arguing about?'

    They never could explain. It annoyed the heck out of me. I never will take that kind of behavior by anyone anymore.

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