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Date: September 20, 2022

8 thoughts on “Lolli the hot online sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. You're his immediate family now. You two need to sit down and talk about this. For him to expect you to attend all of these family events is ridiculous. You have family and friends too. If you have kids it will be much harder to attend everything. Even if you don't have kids you still don't have to attend every event. They are invitations, not a summons.

    Then add his work party and his friends? This is way too much. He needs to know that you're married now and it's okay to say no and to build your own traditions. There must be a balance.

  2. And that tension is your brother and his gf's problem. Not yours. If they don't like your gf because they don't understand her and refuse to even get to know her and don't want her around then the answer is simple. They don't want her around then they don't want you around. You don't have to spend time with your brother's gf's family. They can invite you all they like, but if they can't accept your gf as your gf then they don't respect you. Stand up for yourself. More importantly stand up for your gf! If they invite you to something and tell you not to bring her then don't go. Make a point by it! If she's around your place then ignore your brother and his gf when they ignore her. You don't have to allow nor put up with their behaviour. They don't want her around? Fine, you won't be around them either. They don't want to talk to her? Fine, you don't have to talk to them either. Show them the same respect they show your gf. They don't invite her, don't invite them. They're rude to her in your house, kick them out. They don't like your gf, you don't like them. Give them what they get. You don't have to be in any of their lives if they try and dictate who deserves to be in yours.

  3. OK but I'd want my partner to tell someone that was a rude thing to say and that he thought I was beautiful; wtf?

    If there's one person who should find you attractive, it should be your partner! And even if you are not “conventionally attractive”, you should be offended on behalf of your partner if someone insulted them!

    That he didn't respond with any sort of sense that he was offended at the comment–which he should've been, if he actually cared–means he was condoning that woman's comment (and maybe trying to play this both ways).

    Not cool.

  4. my parents have an english cocker puppy and that bitch needs sooo much exercise. my mom and I love walking so it’s not a big deal. I truly don’t understand why people who don’t enjoy walking would get a young dog, especially an active breed.

  5. She’s too young to be tying herself to you for ever and has begun to realise it.

    I have no idea why people get engaged so young then act surprised when it doesn’t work out.

    She should have been out exploring this big old world, travelling , going out with mates, being young instead of playing happy families since she was in school.

    You’re too old for her and she’s begun to realise it.

    You should break up. She will be out experimenting during this “break” and will realise what she’s been missing. Let her go.

  6. Yea sure give him another chance if you want to waste more years of your life to a guy who couldn't commit to you and consistently lied to you.

    Now you know why he actually never made it official. Now you know why moving in together wasn't the best idea.

    You are delusional if you say you were still not technically dating as an excuse for him.

    This is not one red flag. It's multiple.

  7. Me and my wife both don't wear our rings unless we are going out to dinner. Not wearing a ring isn't wrong, now flirting with people while married is a different story lol

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