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Lulu, 21 y.o.

Location: Ukraine

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Lulu live sex chat

Date: September 18, 2022

4 thoughts on “Lulu the hot live sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. About the races, he could at least come to a few races, to the finish line to cheer her over. Is that really such a huge ask? But at the very bare minimum of human decency he ought to stop tearing her down over having this interest at all/liking to participate in races.

    For example, my husband took up playing the keyboard years ago, after having been half taught and just having one to noodle around on. He got better and better to the point that he wanted to play with others and start a band. Guess who has two thumbs and encouraged every bit of this and came to every show? This girl. He supported me when I took up pole dancing to get in shape, and then to compete, and then to teach. Never one bad or judgmental thing to say, encouraged me, and he comes to all my performances.

    Is that the level of partnership I think is healthy? Yes it is, it definitely is. If you can't get up early three or four days a freaking year to witness your partner do something they love and show them you care about their happiness, what's even the point? I can buy myself flowers, & etc, but a partner in life is someone worth putting the effort in for, and someone who puts it in for you.

  2. You’re more distracted and in need of support when expecting, so probably more tolerant of a drunk husband.

    He has two choices. Get actual help and be better. Or coerce you and trick you to come back. One is working to establish your trust, putting the work in. The man that you have doesn’t want to do that. He’s working naked to get back to where you were. To being able to drink whilst you deal with the very hot work.

    It’s time for a proper separation. He can’t be trusted. He’s basically said he doesn’t want to work for you or the kids. And he wants an easy life. These are not the signs of a RECOVERING alcoholic,

  3. That is a great piece of advice. I could easily say that we're too much on a routine despite our age.

    I'll keep you posted. Thank you!

  4. They will figure it out. Because at some point they will see him cheat on his next partner.

    Be as honest as you can with them as it's age appropriate.

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