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  1. You need to get over yourself. You didn't have a perfect relationship, you weren't “complete” and for sure you cannot say it wasn't toxic. You neglected your partner and put your selfish interest and issues first – time to accept that and learn from it going forward. Stop continuing to be selfish and stop obsessing over your ex, let her find someone who will actually value her and work on yourself.

  2. Cut Offs are very rarely healthy for people. Whatever the story is Rose has a right to know People spend tens of thousands of dollars in therapy struggling with the cut offs that the generation before them made, and trying to heal those relationships

    I would meet with the sister and hear her story.

  3. Yeah. People are weird. Human brains suck at processing risk, chance, and theoretical situations. “Maybe one day, if…” is a hell of a drug.

  4. The next time he tries to insist, remind him that he has literally already implied he'd be with her if he could be, calmly explain that you've decided you've listened to him try to suggest helping him park alongside her to wait for her boyfriend to leave and that you won't be keeping him company while he does.

    Walk away action star-style without looking back at the fire.

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