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Date: September 27, 2022

4 thoughts on “LuxStar live! sex chats for YOU!

  1. As the TikTok kids say “She’s not your girl bro it’s just your turn”. Your gut was right, you doubted, violated her space and were rewarded with the truth. Don’t make it messy. Just a side hug and a peace sign wishing her the best.

  2. It's better not to have friends at all than to have people close to you, who have no hesitation in looking straight into your eyes and lie naturally.

    Besides, the only way to get new friends is to get rid of the fake ones. Only when you make room for something, it finally comes.

  3. I mean, it strikes me this is a pretty typical rebound scenario. Still processing an ex, had a fling with someone that is likely a heavy contrast to your ex, now you are confused about both.

    And yeah. Your ex you have to deal with. It is over, make your peace with that. Any relationship started while longing for them will indeed be compromised.

    But it is also true this new guy likely represents just a distraction for you right now. It's common that we become extremely fixated on a rebound, that is kind of the point, but if you let yourself get swept up you won't process the ex and you'll just compound your confusions with all the drama a flawed dynamic like this will produce.

    You need time alone, clearly.

  4. I would talk to him about it. Like any roommate, he would be helping pay for your house. If he paid you the same rent and incidentals as he does his parents, will he still be able to save for a house?

    My biggest concern would be the chores. Does he do laundry? Vacuum? Cook? Grocery shop? How much does he do for himself now?

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