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  1. Honestly, even if it's “no one knows the answer.” I would suggest doing your own searching if it will ease your mind. Possibly asking about his previous relationships, friendships, stuff like that. Maybe talk to one of his close friends and ask how he is with them. Try not to be mean or lead onto why your asking, just simply ask. See what you hear. There's a great youtube channel called “PsychtoGo” I suggest checking out some of their videos. It'll teach you some stuff that might help. Best of luck!

  2. That's weird for sure. She might say that if you break up with her too.

    But since you like her and wanna go steady I'd say let it go and continue on. Make her ur gf have kids or whatever y'all wanna do.

  3. Best thing to do is accept in your mind that it's over. Don't wait for him, you need to have the mindset that it's over and you'll never get back together. That way if you do try again in the future you'll be in a mentally healthy place to decide if that's something you want.

    This doesn't mean you have to go on loads of dates or download tinder, take your time and do whatever you're comfortable doing. But don't wait around.

    It would probably be best if you didn't live! together if you can help it, seeing him everyday will make it 100x harder.

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