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Date: September 22, 2022

28 thoughts on “Mariana

  1. thats your problem

    i get shit from the ai, get a few replies to paste and then see if people believe it

    its scary

  2. He’s not joking. He’s considering it. I’m a retired criminal investigator, and sorry, but this is so predictable. I’ve met hundreds of you in hospital ERs after the rapes. You are in danger. Talk to your parents and tell them you don’t want to see this guy anymore. Tell them why.

  3. An 18 year old is barely starting out in life, and brains aren’t completely developed until the age of 25. You guys are on complete different tracks of life right now. Whether or not he’s going to school or has a job, he has a lot to experience, learning and growing to do.

    I honestly don’t see why you’re turning to reddit to ask if you have no intentions of taking what anyone says into consideration.

  4. She just replied to my messages, saying she had a lot of stuff in work (she works in hospital as nurse) and told me her mother probably mistook the date, implying she wanted to go to cinema yesterday.

  5. It’s so so common for women not to orgasm from just penetrative sex, I wonder if the others were also use toys while having sex? I would say less common to not orgasm with add clitoral stimuli. I did see you said you can’t climax that way either and have had sexual shame so don’t enjoy oral. I’m wondering if you’re able to climax on your own and maybe not able to with your partner from similar stimulation bc of that sexual shaming trauma? You’re not in anyway broken but maybe sex therapy is something you want to consider in case a lot of it could be a mental block from things you’ve experienced in that past. I hope you don’t take this in anyway other than helpful, I definitely do understand what you’re saying and I’m Only commenting bc therapy is what helped me be able to climax with a partner and not just solo due to sexual trauma as well

  6. This is a weird thread. You've got people insisting that it's sexual, but others saying it's not at all. Which is it? Do we just hate furries so much that we can't allow them to define their own reality? If I had a friend tell me this seriously, I would take it seriously, and I'm a bit surprised that the Reddit hivemind seems so secure in its position that this is a “kink.”

  7. where do you see this relationship going? do you guys anticipate getting married and owning a home together? like what does he think the next logical step in this relationship is…? surely he isn’t expecting you to stick around until he feels like it’s an appropriate time to move in together (if he ever even decides that, which let’s be real, he never will)

    why did you guys break up the first time? you guys should do it again. lmao

    please find someone who is actually excited to be with you. not to be cliche, but the saying “if he wanted to, he would” is very relevant to your relationship

  8. If you figure it out let me know. I have the same issue. My sex drive is well above my wife’s. When we first got married we were about the same. Just like you I’m lucky to get once a month despite an agreement to try to do so once a week. Everything else is great. But this has been a steady decline over time and I don’t know what to do.

  9. At best it’s vanity, at medium it’s attention seeking, at worst it’s auditioning.

    Posting the occasional picture on a night out, or what you’re dressed up is one thing, that’s fun. Every single day just to show people you “look good” is a bit much…..especially at 29. That’s getting to the age where people usually want to start settling down and if a girl was doing that while I was seeing her….meh…..that whole thing is gonna read like it’s going to be too much effort.

    However….if the pictures posted are flooded with primarily men fawning over them…..fuck that. I’m not even a jealous guy, and I would read that as her seeking attention from men and assume my time was limited to just whenever she found a better option.

  10. It’s not about cheating. I was on a bus where a woman fell asleep on my shoulder and as a straight woman I was uncomfortable. Because a woman I don’t know get in my personal space even though accidentally she needed to get herself under control. She has no right to disturb others. So I woke her up and told her that she cannot sleep on my shoulder. She apologized and we moved on.

    The last part of my comment was about boundaries. He disrespects his unfortunate gf’s boundaries while looking into her eyes. So who knows how he acts like when she’s not around.

    Also, if she assaulted her that woman assaulted her bf by getting in his personal space and touching him without his consent which he didn’t give a sh’t and that’s why people do not call it assault.

  11. Move on. He cheated and lied and he only came crawling back because the other girl made his depression worse. Not necessarily because you made his depression better, or even loved you. Your investment in a relationship is not proportional to how much you love him, you invest proportional to the other person’s investment.

  12. I'm sorry, I didn't see at first that you'd said “got clean”.

    The passage of time is the only thing that will help. She'll have to see that you're staying clean and are not lying about anything. (Addicts lie, but I'm going to assume that's not your normal character trait). And she has a child to take care of, so she has to put them first. So it's going to take a while if she's smart.

    Congratulations on your sobriety though. You can keep it up…just stay clean one day at a time.

  13. Physician here. It’s highly unlikely that the HPV he may have gotten from her caused your cancer. It typically takes at least a few years to cause CIN, and a decade or more to cause cervical cancer. You were almost certainly carrying the HPV strain that caused this long before you met your husband.

  14. Well after one year of relationship you are breaking up over petty things, are obviously not communicating at all, lying, passive aggression, you name it

    People that are compatible have a concrete problem they are dealing with, you guys just seem not to get along

  15. Umm, do you want to save your marriage after he said he doesn’t love you anymore and that he doesn’t believe in your wedding vows?

  16. I don’t know if you come back from something like this. I don’t think a trip is the best idea right now. You hurt him deeply, and he probably doesn’t want more alone time with you at this point.

    You should apologize, and consider doing so in a public way, like a FaceBook post, since you chose to tear your husband down in front of his friend. Make the apology something that acknowledges how stupid and cruel you were, and how much of a mistake that was, because of how much you love him and need him in your life. It might be enough, if he believes it.

    Obviously only do this if you really do love him. Otherwise, the kindest thing to do is to split up as amicably as possible. Though even if that’s what you do, I’d still apologize to him for the needless cruelty.

  17. Well maybe you should, bc all the signs in this post point to that being the truth. I'd also recommend therapy for your failed past relationship instead of taking out your anger and projecting your issues onto women on reddit.

  18. but I do want to be with him I just wish the circumstances were different.

    Honey, it's not the circumstances that are the problem. He is. The way he thinks, the way he acts and even his morals as a human.

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