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2 thoughts on “Marushkalive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. In that case the next question is how much it matters that he didn't answer those two questions. Could be a ton of reasons from fear of rejection/being judged to not wanting to hurt your feelings.

    Bottom line is: does is really matter in your relationship who hits first crush was and if he asks you a question he is afraid to ask right now (stupid question imo anyway since a card with some text won't make that fear go away)

    I don't think that should be something to worry about or go all “marriage counselor” on the poor guy.

  2. The way she argues and talks it sounds like she doesn't really understand anything and just lives life under a rock? That's something a toddler would do “why can't we do what they doing” does she not understand finances or anything at all?

    Being with someone who acts like that would be so tiring. Don't think I could continue seeing them if they didn't stop

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