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  1. Well, it worked for me. I’m well aware that it’s different with my wife, but I won’t be as intense about it.

  2. Account with no post history. OP says they used a throwaway because ‘their family follows them on reddit.’ (Wtf?) over the top cluelessness ‘my lesbian gf removed lesbian from her insta, what could it mean?’ Fake troupey post. Posting on general RA and not one of the lesbian subs.

    Maybe ask yourself, why are you in such a rush to defend such an obviously fake post?

  3. This post has reached one of our comment/karma limits. The text of the post has been preserved below.

    I am a stay-at-home working mom. What does that mean? I have two children, aged 4&2. I am home alone with them from 8:30am until when my husband gets home from work at 6:30/7 every weekday.

    What makes me a working SAH mom? Well, I have the pleasure of clocking into work 4pm-1am three nights a week and I work all day Sunday.

    I go to bed at 2/2:30 am after work and I wake up at 8:30am to take my oldest to his preschool 9-11am (he has ASD). I am constantly EXHAUSTED and trying to stay on top of everything in our home, appointments for 2 special needs kids (speech delay and ASD).

    Suffice to say, it has been challenging. I gave up my 9-5 because my salary was being eaten up by daycare. I am also the lower earner in our marriage. My husband does well, so his job always takes priority and I was having to take the sick days when the kids were getting sick from daycare.

    There are 3 nights that we have together as a family – Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Working opposite schedules is exhausting. Neither of us really take much time for ourselves, but we both understand that is just the nature of the season of life we’re in right now.

    I literally never take time for myself. I spend every waking moment during the day caring for my kids. Then I go clock 40 hours in for my paying job. Last August I decided to take golfing lessons, the first thing I had done for myself in a long time.

    It was only a 7 week program. Drop the kids off to my husband at work, one hour lesson, socialize for an hour and be home by 7:30 to help put the kids to bed. Four weeks into the lessons, my husband decided he was going to join a bowling team in Wednesdays from 7-10:30pm.

    This meant I could not stay to socialize after my lesson, I would have to drive an extra 30min to and from his parent’s house to pick the kids up, then go home and get them ready for bed alone.

    I told him that was exhausting and I’d rather just not finish my lessons. He said “okay” and that was that, he went on to play his THIRTY WEEKS of bowling, never missing a single one, no matter how much he was needed at home on a given week.

    They won their “championship” last night. A couple hundred dollars each (It costs them $25/wk to play – so do the math on if they actually “won” anything lol).

    I said “Congratulations. If you decide to sign up for this again, you will be responsible for finding childcare until 10:30 pm on Wednesdays.” He just looked at me so blankly, like no idea why I was saying this.

    I feel anger and resentment toward him, not because of his hobby, but for how he ruined mine and how he put his bowling league above the needs of the household. I’m upset by how disruptive his hobby is to our lives, being sandwiched right between my two busiest days (T & TH), how he REFUSES to skip a week here or there when the kids or I am sick, when we could just use some extra help OR god forbid if it’s just a really nice day and I’d like to take the kids somewhere as a family.

    I told him that he will need to find and pay for a sitter for the time and duration of his hobby. As I will not be available for solo childcare for 14 hours a day every single Wednesday, for 30 weeks out of the year. If he decides to sign up for bowling again, it will not be to MY detriment.

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