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Midnight-Madi online sex chats for YOU!


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Date: September 24, 2022
Actors: Midnight-Madi

29 thoughts on “Midnight-Madi online sex chats for YOU!

  1. Treat her the way she treats you. When you are with her does she give you undivided attention and ignore her phone? Or is she on her phone and texting?

  2. For me, it feels a lot better if the skin is left UP. The foreskin is more sensitive than the head.

    And yeah, the skin does not just roll itself down when hard.

  3. I was prescribed suboxone for pain. It is commonly used for opiate addiction but it absolutely can be prescribed for pain.

  4. The only reason you’d feel that way is if you have something to hide. Maybe she’s a little insecure and looking for validation that you’re not hiding something from her. If I were her I would trust you less after this incident.

  5. Have you told your husband you can't deal with this stress anymore and need a break? He probably is trying the best he can in this fucked up situation

  6. You lucky bastard, others are paying good money to get such a pair…! I would say that washing yourself and not changing or having sex and not washing is a problem.

  7. If I'm tossing and turning, I 100% leave the bed to give my partner a decent night sleep. It's not HER fault that it's 3:30 and I'm wide awake.

  8. What were the circumstances of your divorce with your older kid’s mother? I ask because this is about your current wife’s insecurity and I’m wondering if her ridiculous request is because of some issue in the relationship with her. Maybe it’s just that she fears what happened with your first wife. Or it could be something else. When your partner asks for something ridiculous out of left field, you need to try to drill down what is actually going on that lead to the ridiculous request.

  9. I am 34. I have PCOS and I am pregnant with my second baby currently. I would give him an ultimatum; “We either start the family now, or we need to divorce. I want to be a Mother, and I do not have long to wait. We are financially stable enough and we currently have enough space.”

  10. USA. Mainstream culture.

    The patriarchy teaches several things. I will list a few, and please note, these are not things I believe. These are things taught by the Leave it to Beaver families in the US. A woman needs to have sex with her husband any time he wants. A woman stays home and cooks. Marriage is one man and one woman. Masterbating is sin, immoral, unnatural. Women don’t enjoy sex, they do it for the man.

    I do agree with those who work to change those rules.

    Please understand that boys and men close to my age were taught to be straight, and to follow those old rules. On the sports fields, the worst insult was to call someone gay. Followed closely by suggesting someone masterbates. Looking at porn, cat calling, etc were encouraged as outlets for ‘fun’. Again, these are not my views. It is observations on what boys my age experienced in the USA.

    So, I am still reluctant to talk about certain topics, even with a trusted partner. The shame was firmly taught when I was a kid, and I am not alone. Recognizing this would be empathy towards how my parent’s generation behaved Toward kids my age. 60 now.

    And, I do appreciate that it was formed as a question. I also see a bit of ‘you idiot’ in the wording. That is not empathy.

  11. Choking is a COLOSSAL risk factor in domestic abuse (which is what this is).

    Leave, now, please – for your own sake.

  12. Dude, has some serious anger issues. Next time you make him irritated, he's going to lash out at you possibly directly and physically

  13. There’s an old saying. You can pick your friends but you can’t pick your family. Sadly your situation is one of the reasons this saying exists.

    As difficult as this is, look at the positives. You found out who your gf was before you committed more to her, so she did you a favour. Your brother has been spoon-fed his whole life, including settling for your leftovers in a relationship. He is never going to be as successful as you because he has never had to learn to do things for himself.

    As for your parents, I can understand that would hurt the most. I’d leave a line of communication open. Tell them that when they’re ready to apologise for hurting you, you’re willing to talk to them but until they’re prepared to do that, you’ll have nothing to do with them.

    One last piece of advice. Don’t know if you’re planning to stay in your job or not, but in any case you should advise your HR department about the falling out between you and your brother. This is as much to protect yourself as anything else. I have no idea if your brother is as big an asshole as this, but should he make some baseless accusation against you, then if your HR department has been warned, they’re less likely to take his accusations at face value.

    Don’t look back. Choose your friends and make them your new family. All the best.

  14. I literally can't think of one reason why this would ever be an issue. Alone time to focus on one-self is extremely important, and if she can afford to do it while also doing something she enjoys (like traveling) that is fantastic.

  15. Um… I tell you why I would wait:

    Same as he gaslighted the OP he gaslights the wife. So in the end for the wife it will just be OPs fault.

    Yet: if he doesn't expect any backdraft anymore, he will.let his guard down and may be caught red handed again.

    Also: he might know where she lives.

    Making it blow up now may have undesirable effects.

    While making it blow up later and anonymously so may make it difficult to trace, whivh side chick has set his hair on fire/ which exact sh… dropped from the fan.

  16. Oh Lord. Religious background here too. Hence the making excuses for dad's little slip ups by covering it in forgiveness!

    My mom was smart enough to leave when i was young tho dad still went around making babies everywhere. I have like 6 half siblings i know about in the same town.

    I'm lucky enough to have a husband i adore and who adores me. Would never stay with someone just for my vows if they cheated especially or if we just weren't happy. I wouldn't want my kids to think that's okay.

    Bt the amount of people who don't just speak up and say they want out is crazy. Divorce if u need to. Don't be bitter AHs. In my family Divorce is a huge ass thing because of God.

    Tho the most loveliest people i know in church are men and woman who got divorced and remarried. Or just stayed single.

  17. She sure does have some friends at that disco, it's a common place for her (actually even for me, we have some friends in common). Bute yeah as you said it looks like she already have decided when our date will end, and this is not something I really appreciate…

  18. I think you are going to be frustrated as long as she's there with you. You've asked and pleaded, and she just can't do it.

    Look into an auto-closing door that locks itself, and that you have to use a keypad to open. This is not a standard item and it will be expensive.

  19. You didn’t “hurt her confidence” or “humiliate” her. You showed her that you are capable and willing to physically intimidate her to prove a point, and now she is afraid you’re going to hurt her.

    Also, stop pretending like you did it for her benefit- you did it to soothe your injured ego after she called you scrawny. You wanted to prove that you were the physically dominant one in the relationship and you didn’t care about the toll it would take on her to LITERALLY ASSAULT HER.

    You’re fucking scary and I hope you don’t treat people like this on a regular basis.

  20. He gets you used to him doing it as a playful thing, then he gets you used to squeezing, then he gets you used to him just choking you when he feels like it.

    If you're smart, you'll tell him now that you are 100% not okay with it and he needs to never “play” like that again.

  21. Also read up on narcissistic discard cycle and the games they play once their supply is cut off. You’ll be ready for it when it comes.

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