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Midnight SNACK , ? pvt open #SQUIRTER #Natural #Lush #Hush

Date: September 24, 2022

2 thoughts on “Midnight-Madi

  1. It's been a few decades, but when I got married, it was the Bride who was expected to buy thank-you gifts for the bridal party – Not the other way around!

    Granted, it's been a few decades… Has protocol changed that much, or are greedy Bridezillas now the norm?

  2. I read all the comments and might be lambasted, but regardless of who the people decide the dogs “belong” to – the reality is she has to deal with them too. Cleaning up after the destruction is not taking care of them or dealing with them. For their safety they should be given a report on while he’s gone. I have a feeling OPs anger is making them worse.

    Im unclear if she’s alone with them most of the time? If so, whether they are his or not, OP has some shit going on that is affecting the dogs. If he’s there all the time and she’s not alone, I agree he needs to deal. They’ve been together for years, are married, and the dogs are old. Something is off to me.

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