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Date: September 27, 2022

40 thoughts on “Mileena Kane online webcams for YOU!

  1. You're sending her mixed signals. Its pretty clear what she wants wnd you know it. You will have to nip it in the bud ASAP.

  2. Your the stupid or naive one for not putting an end to it. Guys will constantly try to take your girl, it’s a fact of life.

  3. help guys

    we broke up 6 months ago. things were fine until they werent i felt put aside and unwannted given that sex stopped. he got all depressed and started focusing on friends and his career. he would get annoyed at me etc and i just felt awful.

    he decided to break when i brought it up.

    he changed it felt.

    we have been very back and fourth. either he reaches out or i would. then all school year ( we started school together) he would reach out and even come towards me and talk to me in person. i asked to talk 3 months ago bc all of this was hurting and he agreed the he cancelled. i got so fed up i ignored him but he still kept coming towards me. anyway the following happened recently.

    anyway the following happened on monday and thursday..

    he calls..

    and im like ugh should i pick up? mhh i pick up. ask what he wants. he knows i know how to print stuff really well as in how to manage the printers very well and even get free prints (my new school is making me head of all things printing. i go and help.

    he was very irritated as he had his final tmw and we needed like 15 sheets of paper worth 80$ at least.

    we drive to my old school

    he says the following:

    •he updates me on his pay raise and im like cools

    •he mentioned that his mother asks where i am. he says he tells them i am just busy and ive turned into a. “busy person” he says that when they come in march ill meet them as they want to cook for me well for everyone…

    • he also kept making fun of me how he would tell me to do things (important things) and i would often brush it off and wave my hands and say “shhh” and he kept doing that. i found that cute how he remembers

    • another thing i told him how im doing two jobs and stuff and he goes “that was me exactly oh gosh see see thats how i felt exactly me… see my stress!” i just rolled my eyes and said “its fine its not that bad

    • he said whenever he goes shop he grabs everything in sight. he goes. im turning into you. remember u would do that.

    i dont know if i should add this but he left my car and just starred at me outside and i looked down for a couple seconds then looked up and looked down again and up and he finally goes “thanks”

    he messages me later thanks again. and if i ned any help to tell him

    i actually asked for his help the next day and he offered to come over and help. like within 30 mins he was ready to help he helped and i had not slept so i was just sad the whole way and he was talking about life and work.

    next day i ask him this

    “cOOl! we should go skating again and the market whenever ur free if u want!!”

    and he said “ya sure”

    he sent it at 8 am and its 11 pm (long day finals week)

    i replied with “cools!! when?? :D”

    i also sent him some message about class work hours later and he answers and he says he isnt sure about the market and would let me know. he also answers my question about school and he ends with “good luck with class” i didnt respond

    um wtf does he actually wanna hang? its saturday and nothing

  4. I try to be patient since I was a 22-year-old at one point but sometimes the young women who post on this sub looking for advice just act like they have no common sense or agency at all, and are looking for an answer that doesn’t exist (how to get someone who blatantly doesn’t care about them to care about them).

    I remember what it was like being like that, unable to accept that the person I’d poured so much love and effort into just didn’t give a fuck about me. When we inevitably broke up I’d feel like I’d been deliberately wronged by some kind of psychopath intent on destroying me psychologically but in retrospect, it was probably more that men between the ages of 18-22 (roughly) just don’t care all that much about other people’s feelings, and I couldn’t accept that there wasn’t some magic combination of words that would make him care about me. ?

    For that reason whenever I see a post that’s like “i love my boyfriend to death, he’s so sweet and caring, btw he killed my dog and took a shit in my mom’s urn, how do i get him to stop? We’re both 22 btw” I usually just keep scrolling because the answer is so obvious that the only reason OP hasn’t already done it is that she’s hugely in denial about how much he cares what she thinks and it just makes me angry and sad.

  5. Have you thought about taking a few days off and watching hubby and Ashley ?

    You can park furth down see her arrive..does he leave or is there does he return after kids leave.

    Any nanny cameras in house you can set up??

    Also check credit card statement for unusual charges .does he have a personal credit card you can access statement?

    There are things you can check for peace of mind . And if he is cheating whole nother ball game.

    Do not confront you get pictures and. Conversation s a log of dates times Copies of credit cards if used.. Bank up all you can without him knowing and get a lawyer.

  6. Her reaction to the question is probably quite telling and you need to decide if that's ok with your boundaries or not.

    Maybe I missed something, but she said she didn't want them to split the bill. To me, with her asking him out and choosing the place, that implies she wants to pay for everything. Was there other context that points to otherwise?

  7. but we're not just friends, we're in a relationship where talking to others sexually has never been okay. i've never been one to be hurt by porn, but when you talk sexually to someone and send them nudes, i consider this cheating and he knows.

  8. I mean blood types are actually one of the simple punnett square genes lol. Obviously you and your husband were both AO. You had the perfect 25, 50, 25 ratio of having AA, AO, or OO. You got the 25 OO.

  9. Yeah, that’s a complicated situation. I’d be anxious too…

    I think I would ask current girlfriend how she feels about the future of your relationship first. Get that nailed down, get things figured out. If you’re going to end it, just end it. You can still be friends, you can still part amicably, if that’s an option.

    Only after that’s done can you confess your feelings to your old friend. If you’re still seeing your current girlfriend, how is old friend going to feel? You’d basically be cheating. You need to end your existing relationship first.

    The timeline is altogether too fast. I wouldn’t try to rush it. Old friend will still be around in January. Once you realize that you don’t have to rush everything, it’ll be easier to deal with problems one at a time.

    I wouldn’t try to lay down a specific timeline yet. There’s no way for you to know. Your plans are constrained by many things outside your control, including how your girlfriend reacts. Try to be flexible and take things as they come. Inaction is always an option, and your emotions are going to be stabler if you’re not pressuring yourself.

    Anyway, that’s my two cents.

  10. Who said that? We are talking about OP's situation. Some on here feel that a man should do all in a relationship to make a woman feel needed and loved. He should feel honored to be allowed to treat her like a princess. Not reality. It takes two people to make a relationship work.

  11. Since you’re here atm anyways, I would suggest to make the most of it. Things may have not worked out with her but this country is swimming with wonderful people for you to meet.

    As an older guy with a lot of experiences under my belt, I can tell you life is full of things that don’t work out like you thought but its staying open in those times for things you never planned on or thought was possible.

    I can tell you with certainty that this wasn’t the girl for you. She shut that door but more than that, after 4 years of talking with her, she froze you out rather than at least coming to see you even if only as a friend.

    A friend wouldve at least told you not to come.

    I imagine you’re heart is broken and that sucks. Im sorry. The great news is that you’re still a young man, a single young man in a country that has a lot of freedom and choice. Its not perfect by a long shot but when it comes to our women, I would put their intelligence, compassion and beauty, taken as a whole, up against any in the world.

    So let yourself feel how you feel and then start going places and keeping yourself open to other people and experiences you also might not have expected.

  12. Why is he acting like he knows more than you do, about the jobs YOU are applying for?

    This sounds like an ego thing, like he has to be the boss of what you do, how you react, how you behave.

    It isn't about the jobs, it's a control issue. He just likes to tell you what to do. I'd start drawing some boundaries, and letting him know that he's overstepping. He can be supportive, or he can shut up.

  13. I think I would trust my wife if there's no other evidence that she actually sent them. But I would also cut that perverted “friend” completely out of both your lives. I would, however, periodically check your SOs phone for any red flags.

  14. There was a post where a couple's dog killed their cat. It was a tragic read. I don't think their relationship was salvageable and this one isn't based on her reaction. I'm sorry.

  15. Don't flush condoms. Seriously, NOTHING that isn't toilet paper should be going down that drain, but especially nothing plastic. Leave her, she lied and is trying to baby trap you. This is deal-breaker behavior. Kids are a 2-yes 1-no deal. Yes, it's possible. If she is I'm so, so, so sorry. There's no recourse for men on this. Women have the ultimate desicion on whether to have the baby and get you for child support (minimum) or abort with or without your consent. Something I really hate cause I know some men who would have made great dads who's partners aborted when they wanted the baby.

  16. One thing you will learn about guys, is that if we are friends with you, we will probably date you… assuming we are available to do so. There is a high probability that he will be receptive to your offer… so grow some theoretical balls and make a move on him. Maybe start by being a bit more “touchey feely,” then some flirty texts— you know the drill.

  17. Yeah sorry man. This is done, move forward and do better for yourself, you definitely can. I’m sorry this happened.

  18. I did however smoke 3 times in the house when she was not there.

    I 100% agree with her. She told you a very hot boundary and you ignored it. You showed you don't respect her and will lie to her face.

    Why would anyone stay?

  19. This reminds me of the statistic that a significant percentage of men leave women if they get cancer or have another chronic illness. His reaction to this puts him firmly in that category, imo.

  20. Yeah, thats what my sister said too (but she is a lot more confrontational than me lol) they lost their job and the only job they got couldnt keep up with rent so they got evicted….i couldnt stand dating someone, having the space to help, yet know that they were gonna stay in a shelter while were together. I pay rent and bills, theyre looking for jobs actively and they help me out around the house….albeit poorly sometimes, but ive talked about it with them, so its just seeing if they actually care to improve. I realize what a doormat i am and i know i need to stand up for myself, its just hard:/ but youre right, i just need to rip this bandaid off, what happens happens, my comfort matters more than anything. I appreciate the feedback:)

  21. I can honestly say that there is no point in selling them as she will most definitely not stick around.

  22. What you’re feeling is normal. I know plenty of truly lovely men but none of them would have been right for me. This is what’s happening. You’re not doing him any favours, in fact you’re holding him back from finding a partner who is right for him. Let him go, with all the kindness in your heart.

  23. Then he’s not committed to changing the current arrangement, meaning things will not change for you.

    You come second in your relationship – is this a relationship you want to sustain ?

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