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  1. Ah, well, then be candid with him. He was at least able to be honest with you (as far as we know). I personally wouldn't want any of my exes in my life, while I wish all of them the best, if my friends were with them I probably wouldn't want to be friends anymore or at least have a lot of contact with them. I totally understand that ick feeling. The more I think about it, the more I think you should just drop him lol.

  2. You’d be better off supporting her as a friend than a lover, cause it seems like you’ve never really been in love anyway. You can stay connected and still divorce, cause let’s be real, this doesn’t sound like it’s ever been an actual marriage.

  3. FWIW, my wife was 22F and I was 28M when we married.

    Anti-creep fact: she asked me out aged 19… 3 times before I said yes…

    Married 31 years.

    The point: if it works for you, it works. Ignore the sound and fury from the peanut / rogues gallery.

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