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  1. no i wanted advice on how to get her love me like she did and talk about amazing places again. My wife has not interest and is boring and i miss the chats with my girl

  2. Yes you felt blindsided and were impaired but the fact that it was the first thing out of your mouth means that deep down some part of you wanted to say. Part of you wanted to hurt her as badly or worse than you were feeling in the moment.

    You can apologize until you are blue in the face but it won't take back the hateful words that you said. She was being honest with you and trying to open up a line of conversation that wasn't based in fantasy and you picked the exact words that would be a dagger to her heart.

    Honestly I don't see how you can come back from this but if there's any chance it'll involve postponing the wedding and going to therapy for the both of you. Don't blame the alcohol or your meds, take ownership of your words and respect the fact that she needs time and space away from you.

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