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6 thoughts on “missbrunalive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. Thanks this is really good advice!!! Thanks for taking to time to get into it a little bit. I love how you say I should take the time, I feel like I am and it feels good! To not hide away anymore from my feelings

  2. Also, not sure but I think you have to be on the SSI disability status for like two years before you can get Medicaid.

  3. Ok, lots women roasting him.

    Unfairly, in my male POV.

    “You used to like it.”

    From a man's POV: You never told him you were faking it when he fingers you. You literally told him his “signature” move never worked.

    Wait. I know you didn't “fake” it, but probably were otherwise in the mood and tolerating it. However. He does not know that. He thinks One Time he hurt you. Not “Every Time” which you have now informed him.

    So he feels very lied to. Not saying he's being reasonable.

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