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Date: September 23, 2022

2 thoughts on “misssophiex

  1. I wouldn't. I would be telling them to break it off when they're ready and to stay with me. I would tell them they can cry on my shoulder while they pick themselves up and they're not alone… but I don't have that.. I just have me… and that's the hardest part

  2. theyve gotten better but it still is the same, nothing has changed over night and im quite impatient, so im trying to learn to be a bit more patient (I have my own mental health issues) he recently got insurance again, so he is going to try therapy again. But i definitely agree. He had a very rough childhood. His mom abandonded him when he was a child and he was m\*lested for years. He lost his grandparents who raised him, at a young age and has been alone ever since.

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