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Date: September 26, 2022

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  1. To add to this. You should probably stop drinking for a while, if not forever, until you get this figured out. What u/DplusLplusKplusM suggested is a great first step; getting the proper help. Good luck to you.

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  3. How old are you? Do you have any medical conditions? Are you taking medications that could impact libido or blood pressure? We need more info.

    Talk to your doctor to rule out medical causes.

    If you’re healthy then it is likely psychological. Anxiety is the boner killer. The more you want to impress or please her, the more pressure you put on yourself to ‘get a boner’, etc., the more likely you’ll run into the issue. Which can be a catch 22.

    Practicing mindfulness helped me. Then going into sex to do other things besides the big act. Getting comfortable with her and myself. And learning to be in the moment and out of my head.

    I don’t really do much actively with mindfulness now but it was a good tool to get me started. Zimm has some good meditations on master class

  4. I do think you need to get some kind of help on resolving your insecurity, because as long as you don't………it's not impossible for some other person to take her place(even someone you may not have met yet).

    Insecurity is a very poisonous thing and rarely stops at just one situation or one type of situation.

    Dropping her off as a friend is not fixing the problem.

  5. I’ve known her for almost a year, been officially dating a 3 months.

    Sure, but knowing someone and dating them is two paris of shoes.

    s. So yes, my child who met her as my friend at first doesn’t mind her company..

    I understand, but given your post history, your son already had many difficulties with his bio dad…hence, why the rush to already get him attached to your new SO? If you are truly meant to be, you have a whole future to spend time together all three of you.

    Again, this early on you have zero clue how your relationship will develop. Of course you and her hope that you'll stay together for a long time, but you simply can't know if that will happen.

  6. Just reading this, I don't trust your BF. I also don't believe him, and I personally would tell him that HE needs to move out.

  7. That doesn’t really matter. It doesn’t matter if you would be okay with it. Your boyfriend is his own person

  8. He is not good enough for YOU. you need to find your self esteem and say “ fuck Him”. zoey s friend pick your next boyfriend. You sound like one of my girlfriends – she always ed’s up dating shit guys – and she is a great girl – I told her her picker was off and to let me choose her next guy !!

  9. It sounds like you guys have never been a good match and just got together too young. This will probably be for the best in the long run.

  10. Leave him. If you can't kick him out quite yet, do everything so that you can do it, or move out etc, however long it may last.

    Do not stay in relationship with him, and do not act like you are with him anymore.

    If he tries to reconcile, tell him you can consider, only once he quits this job. If he argues tell him, it is his choice, whether he wants to he with you or not, and he made such demand necessary.

  11. She also doesn't want to be with you, she wants to be with “Somebody.” If she wanted you she would be with you but she's entertaining multiple options “in case.” She just wants “someone.”

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