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  1. Thank God you didn’t have any kids with him. That makes the divorce much easier. Would you want to spend the rest of your life with an incestuous rapist? You have an opportunity to meet much better people

  2. Especially thinking a fancy purse is only $200 lol you can get a nice purse for that but that's not “I'm rich and buying my young very hot girlfriends companionship” material.

  3. I'm used to being single so I'm very independent and I've become very confident in who I am, I'm assertive and direct with people but he said he doesn't really like women taking the lead.

    Looking at everything, I feel that he may be trying to get you become a little submissive to him (to make you feel he's better than you so that you'll find it difficult to cut him off – this looks like a connection where he wants to use you for some of his weird social needs (I don't know) rather than something meaningful for both) and I don't think that's good and I also think he's expecting texts from you in a submissive tone (feel of the text when you read it) You can text him to test this, if he immediately responds I may be true. I don't know if he's wasting your time but he's definitely not so worth your time that you should be waiting for him to reply

  4. I think that’s when communication needs to become a bigger part of the relationship. She was upfront from the beginning, when their partner felt “their needs” change (so we’re defining relationships by needs and not emotions?) they should have said something, rather than become distant and making the OP feel like their body was in the wrong

  5. If it’s his car then ‘possibly’ – but also maybe you’re just not keen on sitting around waiting for someone with not set time. Your car = your rules.

  6. RULES and boundaries. I suggest reading The Ethical Slu*t. Check out r/polyamory and their wiki.

    Sexual talk is not what I’m referring to. He needs to be apart of the conversations about foundational aspect of an open relationship.

    D being able to have sexual conversations does not mean he’s mentally healthy to be in a triad.

    “I do have confidence that we can avoid an explosive situation.” I like to call emotions, “human error”. People are complicated; adding the layers of your current established relationships complicates how the relationship will function in a healthy way. Please do research together and individually and talk about EVERYTHING before you start your dynamic.

    You can make this work, but you have to do the research.

  7. I know it's insanely very hot to get out of an abusive relationship, but staying when your child is being abused is just so messed up. My dad abused my mom and she got my sister and I out when we were kids. We were homeless for a bit, but we're all still alive so that's a win.

  8. He will be hurt but the right person will make efforts to change and improve sex life for you. It’s a good litmus test. Are they going to freak out? Leave. Are they going to take it in stride and improve even if it did hurt to head? Good, you got a decent person.

  9. If that’s what this sub has come to, it’s a total farce. We just assume whatever we want until the OP comes and replies. That’s ridiculous. I don’t think he will be either— not that I’m very offended— but just to clarify, every OP that doesn’t comment much is now in the wrong? Ok, I’ll try to remember that from now on. Thanks for letting me know.

  10. Don’t ever contact someone’s boss and arrange a day off on their behalf. Especially if she’s already having issues at work. It’s infantilizing and very unprofessional.

  11. Reading this I couldn’t help but feel like her reactions seem like typical cheaters guilt. But that could just be me. Very weird reaction to have even if she was busy at work

  12. Listen to your friends and family. They actually do love you, unlike your boyfriend. They can SEE that he doesn’t love you the same way that you love him. Please consider how your future will look… do you really think he would stick by you if you were suddenly unable care for him and he had to become your carer? If you got sick, like long-term sick, would he be there for you? What about kids? Do you really think he would care for them beyond playtime, or would you just pick up all the slack?

    IMO, the kind of guy who would take advantage of you at every turn is the same kind of guy who wouldn’t think twice about moving on with someone else who seems to be offering him more.

    I’ve read many of your comments and he just seems worse and worse the more that you describe him. Is he this selfish about everything? Somehow I have a feeling that you’re also doing all the work in bed. You obviously have a lot to offer a partner and you deserve better.

  13. Just because something is shallow doesn't make it immoral. If you have a desire for more sex and you're not getting it at the moment, then it'd be the right thing to break up with your girlfriend first. I'm just highlighting that this isn't going to be smooth. She will get hurt, and I'm just hoping you realize that and take the necessary steps to be as tactful as possible when letting her down.

  14. She may be a therapist but she's still only a 25 year old woman. We need a hand with creepiers sometimes. Especially creepers that are directly connected to our man, family, and friends.

  15. I don't see him asking me to stay so he can have sex, he is just not like that. But maybe you are right, maybe i mother him. I don't know how to change that, i just like making my partners feel loved and i like doing things for them

  16. Does he use the other social media platforms?

    And I don’t mean checking up on family/friends that also use them, but actively post on them himself.

  17. Again – it’s ok to have on-line friends. And keep in touch with them. You’ve only been together a few months – no you don’t know everything about him yet.

    This isn’t really secrecy unless he has tried to cover it up. As much as I hate the word, your behaviour is a little toxic here. Asking if he ‘needs’ to have a friend, suggesting that now you’re dating he should be getting rid of his old friends etc.

    If you suspect he’s cheating, then talk to him and make a decision, but don’t take it upon yourself to decide whether he should have certain friends or not.

    Oh and the name thing – one of my exes called me ‘Gran’ once. At the time I was an early 20s male, definitely not her grandmother. Something people say the wrong name. It happens.

  18. I have a penis. I can’t imagine living my life knowing that sex is going to cause me lots of pain. That would cause me not to want to have sex and that’s not good

  19. You might want to look up attachment styles and see what style you both have..She may be more clingy and emotional because she had less secure attachment with her parents than you which doesn't mean she's crazy – it just means she needs more nurturing than someone with secure attachment. People can gain “earned secure” attachment over time if they don't start out that way but it can be some extra work to get there.

  20. They may have not had a loved one lose their memory, while also being frail. My maternal grandmother died due to Alzheimer’s, my mother died due to metastatic breast cancer, and my paternal grandmother was diagnosed with early stage Alzheimer’s, but it was mini strokes instead.

    We didn’t tell them bad things unless we had to. It was easier on them that way; because they would get upset being worried about things, calm down, and then remember again – just to get upset again.

    So yes, I have a pretty biased view about such things. I know that you’ll figure out what’s best for your grandmother, probably better than my family did. Take care.

  21. Dude, I'm 28 and I still need my mom sometimes. My dad is in his 60s and still needs his mom. You never stop needing your mom. If possible go stay with her for a bit .

    Student health services might be able to help you get in contact with psychological services free or with a good discount.

  22. I have dogs, was raised with them my whole life.

    Your partner is either retarded or he wanted to break up w you and was looking for an excuse, has he been aloof before ?

  23. As I said unless it's work related don't bother mincing words with him. If he complains about attitude or hands not being washed especially when you do waeh your hands just don't reply. As they say, silence is the best answer for fools.

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