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  1. You need to break up I'm sorry but your boyfriend sexually assaulted you. He's not confused he just wants to get his way, he doesn't respect you and sounds like a future rapist

  2. I strongly suggest you go NC with Hostility – for your own sake far more than anyone else's – even as you firmly maintain your boundaries.

    To help you do that, I suggest that you find an intermediary – perhaps a senior member of your family or your wife's – one your dad and stepmom will treat with respect. Use the intermediary to convey any news or greetings you care to share, to let dad and stepmom do the same, and to filter out Hostility and its triggers, including any further attempt by either dad or stepmom to identify stepmom as your mother, or as a grandma to your future children. Tell your well-meaning therapist that your boundaries stay up at least until Hostility takes an extended vacation, but you welcome their guidance with these mediated exchanges.

    The intermediary also changes the tone of these exchanges in an important way. By its very nature, a direct exchange between a (step)parent and (step)child is NOT a dialog of equals, and any pushback from the child can be rocket-fuel for real hostility. It's a wonder they keep trying to reconnect – but it's no wonder at all that they keep demanding the respect, authority, and privileges that most (step)parents believe they deserve. I don't suggest that you lower your boundaries until they concede that, as an independent adult, their parental privileges with you aren't absolute anymore.

    I'm sorry, but for their dogged persistence I have no solution. If they continue to shadow you, you will at least know peace if Hostility dies of starvation. Good life, and God bless.

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