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  1. “Should I ask him to wear a buttplug as well?”

    No, you should ask him to wear a ball gag to prevent the shit escaping his mouth.

  2. This… sometimes forcing them to do such a big request under the guise they do it bc they love you could be a cause for concern. I dealt with this issue and a good rule of thumb was to first have that serious conversation; not over text or call!! Face to face ask the important questions. Then, if they say they do want to marry you but not right now you can try to narrow it down by asking things like… “is it a financial problem?” “Is it a commitment problem?” “Do you not believe in marriage?” Because I was ready to kick my now fiance to the curb but I had forgot he comes from a broken home so marriage was a scary thing for him. He felt like once we got married we would start arguing and he would need to be there all the time no matter what. OP, try to gauge why your bf wont consider marriage… because sometimes its not always black and white/ they don’t like you or want to be with you. This is not to say that they do however… these are the naked questions and before you waste any more time I recommend having this hard chat sooner rather than later.

  3. Between the ages and the whole situation you described sounding immature. Yes I'd say youre being petty and immature. Probably everyone in this situation is.

    The whole situation in your post is a little nude to follow but yes you sound like someone who is being petty at the end of the day. So what relationship advice do you want? I get the feeling you partially want to be told you have a right to feel petty. Youre free to be that way but it won't help your relationship with your cousin or her fiance.

    There's a ton of missing context. But in your post I'm mostly stuck wondering why you'd be mad at her and not your ex? Yea she sounds shitty but your ex sounds worse. So they probably belong together.

    You can be petty but it won't really help in this situation. Besides everyone involved is again young and sounds immature.

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